Carter the Bison Calf Update From Animal Adventure Park

Carter the Bison Calf Update From Animal Adventure Park

Carter the Bison Calf is doing great and was quite photogenic for a guest yesterday, just after a rain storm.

Catch her and the rest of "the herd"; Alligators to Zebras – and a species for almost every letter in between!

We are open today through Labor Day 10am – 5pm

After Labor Fall Hours begin
Friday-Sunday 10am – 5pmCarter the Bison Calf Update From Animal Adventure Park

Carter the Bison Calf Update 

We are trying to help out Texas Hurricane victims and want to donate to some funds to the Red Cross.

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Supporters react to Carter the Bison Calf Update From Animal Adventure Park

Loree Simmons Mutter I'm going to be there TODAY! I've been traveling the states from Arizona for almost a month. I'm staying with friends in Watkins Glen for a few days and you guys are on our my bucket list!! I watched April for almost 4 months! My granddaughter was also due, so I had fun waiting for both Tajiri and my Penelope! Can't wait to get to the Park! See you in a few hours!

Teri Van Solkema- Waitz We're on our way now! Can't wait to meet Carter, April, Taj, Oliver and maybe some of you wonderful animal keepers! It's a beautiful day. Perfect for meeting all of your friends

Barb Tindall Awesome that my state of Michigan gave you the birds. They couldn't find a better home for them. Thank you so much Jordan and Animal Adventure Park staff for all you do. So many people love the learning videos about animals.

Kimberlee Miller Although I live here in N.Y, I am sad to say I have not yet been able to visit this amazing zoo. in every picture the animals look happy, well fed, and at peace. Last week I was on vacation in S.C. and my friends wanted to go to the locally owned family zoo, and I was sadden by some of the deplorable conditions I noticed the animals to be in.

Thank you Jordan and staff for keeping up with these amazing beauties. I know that without funding, even with funding it is hard work to keep these animals alive and happy. But, I hope very soon in the near future the zoo that I visited will have extra hands and funding to keep them going. I can see that they do work hard, but, they are severely run down. I plan on getting to you soon, and cannot wait!

Carlene Zunker So glad to see Carter with mom. She is a real cutie. Thank you Jordan & all your staff for caring & loving these animals. You guys are the best 

Cynthia Redditt Embry Was there this past Sunday from Virginia beach. We really enjoyed the park. Keep up the good work. Everyone was friendly and helpful and the animals were beautiful!

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