Carson Wentz’s Injured Knee Gruesomely Buckle Backwards While Walking Off Field

The Eagles magical 2017 season has just hit a major roadblock with MVP favorite Carson Wentz suffering what’s thought to be a torn ACL, which would end his season.

Carson Wentz’s Injured Knee Gruesomely Buckle Backwards While Walking Off Field

Carson Wentz’s Injured Knee Gruesomely Buckle Backwards While Walking Off Field

The Philadelphia QB suffered the injury while diving into the end zone between two Rams defenders in the third quarter, who collided with Wentz’s leg simultaneously from each side.

Trainers suspected the worst when Wentz’s knee could be seen buckling backward as he walked off the field.


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Connor Verbraska Is it just me, or has there been far more impactful injuries this season than ones in recent memory?

Fred Halbig Any eagles fan that thinks Foles is gonna win a super bowl is lying to themselves, I’m a die hard eagles fan and I’m coming to grips with the reality that this season will more than likely end in the divisional round

Dustin Havlik As an Eagles fan that's pretty heartbreaking to look at. But we have Foles, who had a magical season before, and backup QBs usually have some motivation to go out and do work.

Rodney Branco Jr Im sorry…sure foles has playoff experience n can win us some games but does any1 see him winning us a superbowl this year? Thats kinda the point…who knows what next years team will look like n who in the league will step up…crossing my fingers but if wentz cant be back by playoff time its not looking good

Joseph Lopez Eagles trainers are idiots for letting him walk back to the locker room should have been carted off he did more damage walking on it smh

Matt Burkart Is it for sure a torn ACL or could it be a dislocated patella? Idk what happens with torn acl's (never happened to me) but ive had a dislocated patella and ive experienced roughly the same thing. Regardless though, yea hes probably done for the year 

Bobby Stringer Good! I hope he can't come back this yr. That's what those sorry Eagles fans deserve for cheering when Irving went down at the vet! I hope philly never wins a super bowl & so far so

Craig Lindvall They usually push on the knee during the ACL test to see if the knee moves. But from looking at that video there is no need for that test. But hopefully that's just an optical illusion.

Sam Smarszcz I hope he comes back strong. but PLEASE don’t come back early! Don’t ruin your career because you want to play or you “feel good.” Come back knowing you’re 100%

Jerrod T. Howard To all Eagles fans, sorry to see this happened. We are diametrically opposed in our division… But nobody likes to see a promising Young quarterback get hurt. You guys looked awesome this year, and no bias can deny that. Hope he bounces back. Sincerely, a Giants fan.

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