Carson Wentz Stayed In The Game For 4 Plays & Threw A TD Pass On His Torn ACL

Carson Wentz Stayed In The Game For 4 Plays & Threw A TD Pass On His Torn ACL

Carson Wentz went down with what we now know was an ACL year during Sunday’s game against the LA Rams. Keyword, down – not out.

The Eagles star sophomore QB remained in the game for another possession, running four plays including a touchdown pass to WR Alshon Jefferey.

If Carson Wentz does indeed have a torn ACL, he will have stayed in the game, played four more plays, and thrown a TD to Alshon Jeffery with an injured knee.

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) December 11, 2017


Here is that touchdown pass:

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Wentz could be seen noticeably favoring the leg, trying to deliver the ball while inside the pocket despite the pressure without having to escape.

Depending on the severity of the tear, an athlete can still walk or run on an ACL injury, as the liniment simply restricts lateral movement and stabilization of the joint, playing no part in physically moving the leg.

That issue with stabilization was on display as Wentz’s knee awkwardly buckled backwards as he walked off the field following the injury.

Viewers reacted:

Dominic Donato Cardone DeAngelo Not bashing Wentz or anything but some of you are acting like he did something nobody's ever done, like Ik that must be painful but rivers played a whole game with a torn ACL

Scott Wyllie Too tough for his own good. Kid plays hard though and torn ACL's in todays NFL arent as big of a deal as they used to be. As a Giants fan, first of all I am filled with shame, but secondly I honestly mean when I say that I hope he makes a strong comeback. If the Giants are ever going to beat the Eagles again I would rather do it with them at full power so to speak.

Tyler Notaro What wentz did shows toughness. He will be the next Tom Brady aside from all of the scandals. He will win multiple championships. He will be great and probably considered one of the greatest ever next to Montana,Brady, the manning bros. You can't deny greatness. 

Melanie Cotto Not tough… he's an idiot. He risked making shit so much worse over ego. Dude we get it ur great, ur a dude to watch in the NFL, don't destroy urself to prove that, I'm a Dallas fan and I took notice! I'd like to watch u play for a few more years man, gives me something to look forward to in the division.

Troy Miller My son has had a torn Acl for a year now. He is getting it fixed, but has functioned as a mechanic fine. As a Cowboys fan, I too enjoyed watching Wentz play this year. Kid puts in the time and seems like a good guy. It sucks to see him have his season cut shirt. But I surely don't feel bad for the Eagles fans. Karmas a bitch. And I'm sure they will show their true colors "Again" when Dallas comes Philly New Year's Day.

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