Cape May County Zoo Welcomed a Male Giraffe Calf on November 17th

Cape May County Zoo Welcomed a Male Giraffe Calf

Santa brought an early Christmas present to the Cape May County Zoo! We are proud to introduce a male Giraffe calf born on November 17th! He is the 3rd calf born to his mother 'Joanie'. This "little" guy was clocked in at 6ft tall and nearly 150lbs at birth!

Cape May County Zoo Welcomed a Male Giraffe Calf

Baby Calf at Cape May County Zoo


Unfortunately because of the winter temperatures he won't be outside very much…. but this spring he will be an energetic addition to the Giraffe habitat!

Supporters reacted to Cape May County Zoo Welcomed a Male Giraffe Calf:

Janet Clark Awwww! How handsome!
Name him “Chachi”. Joanie loves Chachi!
Anyone remember that 70s or 80s show?

Diane Kemper Bixler So happy we have a new baby! I was watching April cam last spring and decided to visit our beautiful zoo and our beautiful Savannah. I was so happy to see a young giraffe. I can’t wait until Spring!
Merry Christmas!

Cathy Smith The Cape May zoo is one of the top not only state wide, but nationally. We may not all agree with animals in captivity , but we can agree on those held being cared for humanly. CMCZ, is one that is sure our animals are held humanly Unfortunately, we live in a society that can’t have animals run free. In a perfect world they would, but the CMCZ tries to preserve their environment.

Vicki Urion Junk The Cape May Zoo is THE BEST!!! I am such an animal lover, I would never go there if I though any animal was mistreated!! You can tell how much the employees there LOVE the animals!! Welcome new little giraffe. Be there soon to see you

Fay Vaughan Manzi So happy to have another of these beautiful creatures at the Cape may zoo can’t wait to see him. It would be nice if they would let us visit him in the barn like they do with April and Taj he will bring a big crowd to the zoo in the winter off-season

Carol Beck Kenney My kids grew up enjoying your zoo and park. So beautiful and well maintained. Always expanding , with welfare of animals first. Thank you for so many good memories! Btw visit every time I come back home to Cape May County

Amy Brumbaugh Congratulations to the Cape May County Zoo and all of its amazing keepers! Thanks for all the hard work you do for conservation! Wishing this little guy a very merry Christmas!

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