Calvin made his debut appearance at Living Treasures Moraine

Calvin the Giraffe Debut

Calvin made his debut appearance on Saturday at Living Treasures Moraine, and he was a huge hit for all of the park visitors that showed up to meet him.

We are continuing to take things slowly, but beginning today, we plan to let him have access to the outside giraffe yard each day at 11:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m., and 3:00 p.m.

calvin the giraffe debut

Calvin the Giraffe 

These times will all be weather permitting and Calvin permitting (he may be sleeping, or have days where he wants to stay in. Thank you for your continued patience, and we hope you are excited to come out and meet our big "little guy."

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Supporters react to Calvin the Giraffe Debut:

Jane Casey Only out for half an hour at a time….missed him by 2 minutes….no announcement made while we were there….got to the area at 3:32  grandkids were disappointed

Living Treasures Wild Animal Park Moraine Keeping him comfortable is our number 1 priority. He cannot be out for more than 30 minutes at a time at this point.

Brenda Rising Beautiful picture Living Treasures Wild Animal Park Moraine…. I have a question, will Levi and Blue Jeans take turns outside now while Calvin is so little? Can we go inside the barn to visit Levi or just get to see who is out? I can not wait to see him!

Living Treasures Wild Animal Park Moraine They are taking turns going outside right now, but you can't go into the barn.

Paula Fortney He looks just like his Uncle Tajiri…….Such a Handsome fellow

Mema Carlson I need to go back so I can see this sweetheart and his Mom seen daddy two weeks ago



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