California Wildfires Latest Update Today

California wildfires update

Latest developments:
– Gov. Jerry Brown has declared an emergency for Ventura County
– About 150,000 people in LA were affected by evacuation orders for the Creek Fire near Sylmar and Lake View Terrace
– The city of Ventura has declared a daily curfew, beginning 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.

We're live in Santa Clarita, California, where firefighters are battling one of several Southern California wildfires that have charred more than 65,000 acres and forced thousands to flee their homes

Viewers reacted to California wildfires update

Shanta Robinson · Praying for the firefighters, residents all that might need prayer tonight. We serve a awesome God.

Marilee Arnett This is horrible now especially so close to Christmas . But California is resilient and we will help all affected in any way we can , !!! God bless all of you ,! And try to keep the faith !

Octavia Blair This is sad.. an I’m not understanding what is so funny to those laughing. Times have really changed where some people don’t care about others well being.

Lindsay Arnold Hadley California is bankrupt. Their torching of taxpayers & free enterprise will never allow anyone to challenge their militant thievery.

Yvonne Corbett ·Gary Anderson…Really? That is your Christian view of what is happening…God is doing this on purpose to get back at people? Wow….

Heidi Sevrence ·Those of you that are posting horrible stuff! Stopp now if California deserved to burn then that goes for every state that has natural disasters! Things happen and all we can do is pray and keep out loved ones close

Lisa Moyer Our firefighters in this great state are working very hard. My friend is a firefighter, I hear how hard they work…long hours, exhaustion, no sleep…God bless you for your work

Tammy Irene ·Sending prayers from Texas, I pray for all the people that live in this area, praying for there families, and praying for all the fire fighter and anyone else..

Chatina Warner ·Here goes California, again. All these mysterious fires. The earth is extremely warm and they are due for a major earthquake. Who knows what the St. Andreas fault is about to do.

Sharon Lee Gibson  Dear Heavenly Father, I ask that you look down on your people in Santa Clarita California touch them with Love❤ in JESUS name AMEN!

Phyllis Storey ·Prayers! The fire looks our of control. I hope and everyone is safe. Heartbreaking people are laughing and loving this. What if they were there. If it was there home. Sad!

Stacie Walker ·This time the Earth will be cleansed with fire! Last time it was water… smh… get right with the Lord. Prayers to rhe brave and the afflicted. 

Rosalie Harman My daughter is not far from there and promised to let me know if they have to be evacuated.There is quite a bit of smoked, but no fire at this time.Of course I am worried.

Chatina Warner Mary Adamson, its not to scare, but to make us all aware. Since in college I am hearing this, and now most recently by meteorologists. And it seems like everything is happening at once in the world.

We are raising for the victims and families of the Southern California Wildfires:

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