Buffalo Bills DE Jerry Hughes Accuses Patriots Of Paying Off Referees To Help Get Wins

For the second straight week, the New England Patriots were involved in yet another controversial call and once again, the call went in their favor in a game that had playoff implications.

On Sunday, Bills receiver Kelvin Benjamin hauled in touchdown pass from quarterback Tyrod Taylor that would’ve gave the Bills a 4-point lead heading into halftime. However, after officials reviewed the play, they somehow concluded that Benjamin didn’t secure the catch with both feet inbounds the call was overturned.

Buffalo Bills DE Jerry Hughes Accuses Patriots Of Paying Off Referees To Help Get Wins  

The Bills were forced to kick a field goal instead.

The final score of the game was 37-16 and the play seemingly had no difference on the final score and the game had gotten away from the Bills in the second half.

But that didn’t stop Bills defensive end Jerry Hughes making a bold accusation at the NFL referees and the Patriots.

According to Mike Rodak of ESPN:

As Bills DE Jerry Hughes entered the locker room after Sunday’s loss to New England, ESPN cameras captured him saying, “Somebody in Boston got the refs on the payroll. Y’all paying them big money out here. Still ain’t gonna win, though.” Hughes was likely referring to Kelvin Benjamin’s overturned touchdown late in first half.

 It’s clear the Bills believe the call changed the momentum of the game but c’mon, you still lost by 21-points.

The Bills playoff chances are slim after the loss to New England, as they would need to win their Week 17 game in Miami and need loses by both Los Angeles Chargers and Tennessee Titans.

Viewers reacted:

Richard Alan Kleszczynski Sore loser. The Patriots are so good they’re accused of hacking in online gaming.

Jose Antunez It was an obvious touch down either way bills were going to lose no matter what lol

Kristopher Gabel Take it like a man. TB12 been whooping your ass for a long time!

Steve Hardin He's right, and the biased calls are becoming more evident each week.

Galaree Legro Here we go again.. patriots are gonna go broke by " paying off " all these refs, each.and.every.game ! This hate is on a whole new fuckin level

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