Baby ALF the Giraffe Update Today

Alf Alert!!! 8/20/2017

Keeper Maggie here once again and I apologize for my delay in posting, this weekend was a busy one. I met a few more Alf fans, always a pleasure, and hung out with the "little " guy as he continues to eat from Miss Connie.

alf the giraffe brights zoo

ALF the Giraffe

Not much else has changed with Alf, still the same silly boy being a "ham" for the camera, today's picture is proof of that. Alf wanted to be sure you all remember just how cute he is, which is not a stretch to say that he is (Sorry silly giraffe pun).

Some would say that he's taking cuteness to new heights, 7ft to be exact. Sometimes all this Alf talk 'giraffes' me crazy but I'm happy to share it with you all. 


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Supporters react:

Toni Bunyard Maggie are there any friends for Alf to play with? When does he get to go to the yard to meet the others ?

Brights Zoo He will actually be getting his own barn and yard so he will not be introduced to our herd. Since he will not be staying at the zoo it would be stressful for both him and our herd to integrate him into it only to remove him shortly after. – Maggie

Lisa Young Green I love Brights Zoo and Maggie you were so sweet to take the time to talk with me and my daughter. I can't wait to come back, I fell in love with all your precious animals.

Brights Zoo My pleasure and I'm glad you had a great time! Can't wait for you to come back. – Maggie

Alicia Snowder Alf…you just are too much! Lol. Has he been introduced to any other food besides his milk? If not at what age do you think he will be?

Brights Zoo He has not been introduced to anything yet but will start in the next Month or so. – Maggie

Cheryl Radke Hurst I just start following this little cutie can someone tell me a little background I ser he has Maggie and now Connie but is he in with his mom? If not are you gonna re- introduce him back to her?great job!

Joan Vaillancourt Shaffer He is very cute, rivaled only by our very own Taj here in the Northeast! But Alf is very handsome and definitely a ham! I've been following him for a while now! Thanks for all the info you put out I love reading it!

Kathy Sutton Love this picture of silly Alf. Great to hear he continues to eat from Miss Connie. Honestly, I dont know who's luckier Maggie…you or Alf. It must have been love at first sight 

Francine Bakic Lee He is just a sweetheart. You are all taking good care of him Maggie. TY for all of the updates and taking time from your busy day to keep all of us giraffe lover's informed.

Nancy Graves Thanks Maggie… he's a total sweetheart.. just wondering if you folks are having him near his Mother, I'm sure not in the same space just yet, just wondering if there's any interaction between the two??? Thanks for taking such great care of our Alf.

Hollie Baker What a cutie pie he is. I really love all his facial expressions when he gets his picture taken.
He really does have a sweet personality.
It is understandable on getting to the updates on Alf and being busy as life always seems to get on the crazy side for all of us and you are doing such an amazing job with the little guy and all the animals that you are having to attend to throughout your day. I consider it a blessing when you take the time out of your day to update us all on Alf and he is growing into a handsome young fella.
Thank you for all that you do for God's animals and may he bless you in all that you do.

Margaret Mingione D'Aurizio 7 feet already. Keep that nourishment coming for our growing boy. He does love the camera. When the time is right, I am sure he will be overly friendly to all his adoring fans when he is scheduled for a meet and greet.

Thank you Maggie for your very informational updates on ALF. Margaret

Shelley Tavenner Nelson Maggie I'm running out of adjectives for this beautiful boy! The bond you have is amazing and its so obvious that he loves you very much! In just so thankful that you allow all of us to watch this magical interaction between the two of you. Thank you more than I can say!


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