Brights Zoo Baby Giraffe ALF Update In the Evening

Brights Zoo Baby Giraffe

Good Evening Everyone

 Keeper Maggie update today:

                                                                                                     ALF the Giraffe

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Hey all hope you are having a good evening and keeping cool! Alf had another good day, nothing spectacular to report, normal input and output (if you catch my drift) but wanted to keep you all in the loop.

Thought you all would enjoy your daily dose of cuteness so here it is. ENJOY


Supporters react:

Paula Bowers Maggie thank you for updating us. Alf is beyond cute!!! Precious growing up too fast, little one.

Brights Zoo They always seem to do that don't they? Although he was never really a little one

Denise Griffin-Becker Hi handsome!! So glad you are doing so well. Keep up the fight. Positive thoughts and prayers are coming strong for you. The world loves you ALF! Thank you Brights Zoo for alowing us this beautiful experience!!!

Evelin Lindsay Hello, there, beautiful boy. I'm so glad that you're doing fine. Sending you love and prayers for strength and good health. Keep it up, little man. 

Amy Egelston Omg he is so cute who couldnt love thst face… Thsnk you for all you guys do you are truly blessed to be working with theese besutifull animals and they are blessed to have you all

Lorraine Santana So precious. I love all animals but I have a special love for Giraffes.Thank you for all the love you show them. The best job is yours

Alice Horton What a cutie! Thank you Maggie! Hope you have a wonderful evening! Thanks so much for all you do!


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