Brights Zoo Baby Giraffe Alf Update on Weight and Height

Brights Zoo Baby Giraffe Alf Alert  7/31/2017
Good afternoon everyone and hope you all had a great weekend, I know Alf did. He has started to increase his appetite, drinking more milk at each feeding, which only means one thing, he's growing again! I already feel short around him ( which is not normal for me being 6'0 myself) but I'm happy to report our "little guy " is slowly becoming a big boy.

brights zoo baby giraffe

Alf the Giraffe 

Male Reticulated giraffes, such as Alf, can reach heights up to 18-19 ft tall when full grown and could weigh as much as 4,000 lbs!

Alf Clip

Luckily for me (Keeper Maggie) Alf isn't quite there yet, he has a few more years before he hits those numbers. Here's Alf and I to give you an idea how big he is, remember I'm 6'0! #teamalf

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Supporters react:

Fay Macalester Now that's the look of a "mother's pride and joy!" Adorable photo of you two, definitely a "keeper" to mat and frame and put on your personal wall of the "stages of Alf." So grateful he took to his bottle feedings good enough to begin to thrive and get healthy! Ordered 2 of "his" ALF mugs as small token of support for your work there. Told Melinda in your gift shop, wish I could do more; but, I can keep praying for you guys for sure! Take care and God bless

Denise Rosenkranse Aww look at our Alf..such a handsome fella. he is growing like a little weed. this is great news.. he would make me feel short as I am 5'10"// thanks for the update.. it seems just like last week when you did the hug and kiss video he was about the same height or an inch or two shorter.. HA.. have a wonderful day. Thank you Maggie. Keep up the great work and thanks for all that you do.

Lynne Jane Baker Thank u maggie for the update so pleased our little fella is doing great u are an amazing and thoughtful young lady and do an amazing job xx

Heather Scott Thanks for the update Maggie, you're one lucky lady working with these beautiful animals. OMG Alf is soooooooo cute.


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