NFL Legend Reveals The REAL Reason Black Players Are Protesting Anthem

Boycott The Nfl Today

NFL Legend Reveals The REAL Reason Black Players Are Protesting Anthem

boycott the nfl today

This protest of the National Anthem has gotten so far out of hand that we’re wiling to bet a majority of the players protesting have no idea why they’re doing it. They just want to be cool with their teammates and for the political left.

Take a look at what NFL legend Burgess Owens had to say about the real reason these guys are making such a big show of this. It’s very interesting food for thought, to say the least.

Daily Wire reports:

On Thursday, retired NFL safety Burgess Owens identified left-wing and Democrat policies and attitudes as forming the core of social dysfunction among blacks. He rejected the “socialist, liberal, Marxist” framing of blacks as put upon and victimized by whites.

Owens offered his comments while joining Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity.

Increasing “misery” among blacks is a “political strategy” used by Democrats and leftists, said Owens:

83 percent of black teen males [are] not working, 77 percent of black men abandon their families; I mean, I go through the litany of failure, and it’s all because of a Democratic socialist agenda to make sure that misery is used as political strategy.

NFL players pushing anti-American racial agitation were politically misled, said Owens:

Let me tell you what the flag represents and what our country represents; it’ a place of hope, it’s a place of second chances, and we have these young men that are literally millionaires… with billions of dollars represented on that sideline, and they have no clue that we the people – they – are the solution, because they’ve been brought up in this socialist, liberal, Marxist environment in which they’re not given hope.

The Democratic Party has failed the black community for decades. I’m sick and tired of us being portrayed as a hapless race, that white people did all these things to us, because we don’t know our history. So let’s man up, learn our history, find out that not only did we give a lot to this country, but we got a lot from this country. We’re the freest country in the history of mankind.

Viewers reacted:

Ferd Matula Maybe if that 83% of black youth would have stayed in school and studied harder ,they would qualify for jobs!!!! If they stayed off the dope maybe they'd get jobs! Maybe if they improved their appearence they'd get jobs! Maybe if they acted like decent human beings they'd get jobs!!! Admit the damn truth!!!! Got no one to blame but yourselves !!!! Get off your asses and help yourselves !

Sally Marie I love Burgess and I feel bad for those being duped by the leftist agenda. That being said, I’ll never watch the NFL again.

Julia Hudson Finally, someone who knows what he's talking about. Liberals are so lost, I'm not sure something this powerful will even be able to crack their cold dead hearts.

Ron VanOrmer well said sir… if these players would realize that they could get things changed if they would stand with other American instead of insulting Americans….

Sheila Tan Burgess Owens has got it right. No prejudice or bias, just the profound truth and the courage to voice it out. He sure is a man who knows what he is talking about.

Cindy Rutt If the league leadership understood and addressed this, there could be a future for the NFL. Sadly, Goddell and the team owners are not capable. I enjoy football, but will not give the NFL and their sponsors even one moment of support as long as they disrespect our first responders, military, flag and anthem. I'm done with them.

Dredsel Walters The cause being represented by the kneelers is baseless! Any time you have thousands doing a job you will have mistakes and bad apples. Last week over a million interacted with Police without a problem. These kneelers need to watch cops and they will see all criminals are treated the same in most cases regardless of race but depending on their behavior.

Rick E. Smith That's Why We're boycotting the NFL and the Anti-American Racist scumbag drug thug millionaire terrorist
Protesters……among many other reasons !!
Boycott football stay home and don't buy tickets….Don't buy season tickets for next season too……remember !!

Elizabeth Skadeland I thank Mr. Burgess for being brave enough to speak from his experience!! I hope people listen to him!!! I hate it that the democrats just use the people (that want to believe in them) by tearing them down in every way they can!!! You only have to do the research to realize that that is what has been happening for many, many years!!!

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