Boycott the NFL Stickers and memes: Crabtree vs Talib ROUND 2

Boycott the NFL Stickers

Crabtree vs Talib ROUND 2!


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NFL meme today:

NFL meme

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Viewers reacted:

Greg Harmon Love it, Crabtree is such a punk and Talib was probably tired of his mouth….so he tried to shut him up, what's wrong with that!

Kierren Mathews Why do they try to fight with helmets on 
They're going to hurt their hands trying to punch each other 

Matt Cantrell Why don't these guys concentrate on ways to win a football game. Instead of fighting like little children! That's one of the reasons why they both suck!

Ken Seli Talib ain't shit and he's lucky that his peoples stepped in before Crabtree humbled him for that chain incident last year

Pablo R LC That was a punk move by Talib. How’s he going to try and swing at Crabtree while Crabtree has no helmet on. And Talib does. Man up and give it a fair fight

Austin Lovelace Crabtree is trash. They tried to take out Chris Harris' knees. After that hit, Crabtree tried to uppecut Harris under his helmet. Akib Talib was defending his teamate.

Gil Manriquez Talib is a little Bitch! He should have been fined/suspended after snagging Crabs necklace before and this wouldn't have to happen!
Good job commissioner!

Justin Lanagan And we're supposed to respect these douchebags kneeling during football games when they can't even act like adults on the field

Brandon Wall As soon as Crabtree takes it that far off the field, he earned the ejection in my opinion. That's not blocking, that's just blatant unsportsmanlike conduct. Now Talib throwing the punch, not that he was wrong for doing it because Crabtree had it coming, but Talib earned the ejection too. Toss both of them.

Stephen Halstead They should both be gone for multiple games. However, if I am their legal counsel and they get hit with a suspension, I'm citing AJ Green not being suspended after he attacked an opposing player and keeping my guy on the field.

Romero Corteze Lewis Talib keeps picking on Crabtree. I guarantee you Crabtree will most likely whoop Talib ass. The so called bully always loses! I remember when Steve Smith put good hands on Talib. Lol

Kathi Ravotti Perry If you look close enough, you will see the gold necklace that the Broncos idiot player ripped off him. Thats why he pushed him so far away.

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