“If North Korea Bombs Us, The Military Should Take A Knee And Let The Football Players Handle It!

Boycott the NFL Movement

We will be not be watching or listening to NFL games during the Super Bowl in solidarity with veterans around the country, as football players have continued to disrespect the national anthem, the American flag, and everything our nation stands for.


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Ken Nunley Actions have consequences,
Go ahead and protest or quit but remember this :
"If you have a problem with people in your culture getting shot, go protest in your own neighborhoods where 33% of your culture don't graduate high school, 
78% of your baby daddies don't hang around after they "hit dat" and 50% of all murders are committed by your 13% of the population, most of the victims 
of your own race. Your problem is whitey and the police? No, your problem is, your own culture, your culture's lack of discipline and respect for authority and
your culture's inability to understand simple English commands like, "Put your hands up", "stop", "get your hands out of your pockets",
"Don't reach into your clothes", "stop walking back to your vehicle". And then cry racism when you morons get shot. And, par for the course, you blame 
everybody else for your culture's problems and ruin it for everyone else. Go protest your own culture in your own 'hoods, then maybe the rest of us will take 
you seriously. Until you do, you're just crying racism to cover your own responsibility for your own stupidity. It's old and no one gives a crap." 
I think that most people are over it. I know I am …
So please copy and paste if you want.

John Lentz I question this picture. I was flipping channels on Thanksgiving, and noticed a professional football game in progress. I was about to push the remote and noticed it had a packed crowd. Are we making a difference? Or are you all “pissing down my leg, and say it’s raining??

Dick Randleman Lets see some real numbers of what the BOYCOTT is doing. % lie to much. one said that their down 6%, then said this amounted to 1 million person. so this means 74% are still kissing ass amounts to about 14 million scabs .

Carolyn Carleton We need to stop the government subsidies to the NFL and Planned Parenthood and we would have money a good beginning to build the wall there are other things we could cut so we would have the money to build the wall

Betty Hinshaw Yes. . .CONTINUE THE NFL BOYCOTT !! And, not just for their disrespect of every patriot, military person, law enforcement person, OUR President. . .but, the BOYCOTT must continue as long as there are criminals on the teams and criminal behaviors go unacknowledged and unpunished !!

Hazel Erickson They will feel it more next year, because some people had already bought tickets, we can live without them, let’s see how they do without us

James Kitlas Yes! How can spoiled brat NFL millionaires be oppressed??? High gas prices for their Ferrari’s or Lamborghini’s?

"If North Korea Bombs Us, The Military Should Take A Knee And Let The Football Players Handle It!" shirt/hoodie is now available!


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