Boycott the NFL Memes: Best Memes of NFL Ever

Boycott the NFL Memes

Tom Brady has features any guy would be jealous of, but this picture of him taken during Sunday Night Football when he faced off against the Broncos would make any girl jealous

Upon closer inspection, you’ll realize Brady’s beautiful ass is due to his lineman’s butt on the left side of him.

Stop putting the Dolphins on primetime

Boycott the NFL Memes

Boycott the NFL Memes

Boycott the NFL Memes

Boycott the NFL Memes

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Viewers reacted to Boycott the NFL memes:

David Williams I just realized this is the third week in a row the Dolphins were on primetime. I don't mind teams getting primetime, but what the Hell made Miami special enough to get three primetime games in a row?

Michael Zarate But I love the Dolphins. They allow me so much time to play on my phone and see stuff like this and comment. 

I wonder what blouse Cam will wear with his romper tonight?

Michael P Vecchione Carolina has a 7-3 record. Miami has a 4-5 record.
Miami only scored 3 touchdowns.



Falcons once held a 28-3 lead and gave it up.

Brian C Zolotorofe You idiots understand this schedule was made when the dolphins were rolling and actually looked good. My god, you’re all probably spent too much time sucking windowsills as kids

Thomas Goulette They made the playoffs last year of had all sorts of Shit go against them this year. But go ahead and watch your shotty bandwagon teams ill stick with my phins I've supported for 20+ years.

Justin Danniel Mathews The schedule was made well before preseason and with the rise of the dolphins and how they had great potential it made sense. Clearly Tannehill getting injured was the end of the season right out of the gate. Cutler or Moore wouldn't have been enough to keep them in it and you see the result of a team with no QB, shit DBs and as always an inconsistent oline. Yes it sucks watching our team lose and lose big on these big platforms but no one can predict injuries. It happens. It wasn't our season.

Justin O'Rorke "A change in a team's play quality has never caused the NFL to change game times!" Everyone stop and stared at him as he dropped a heavy enough load of sarcasm no one could possibly lift.

Margarito Vasquez I was just saying the same thing. Who did they have to blow to get on prime time? They suck. Why do they put them on prime time; so everyone in the country outside of Florida will know that they suck?

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