Are you still boycotting? Yes or No?

NFL players think their disrespect for our country has been forgotten about. Are you still boycotting? Yes or No?

Viewers reacted:

Mitchell Greene Yes: 
The NFL is dead to me. I will never attend nor watch another NFL game ever. I will boycott every "official" sponsor of the NFL, if they support the NFL I will not buy it. No NFL digital games ever again.

The NFL have allowed their employees to disrespect our Nation and our Military, even the Military dead that fought to free the slaves and abolish slavery forever.

The NFL is dead to me, and I will not mourn it's death… I will mark the day the NFL goes Bankrupt.

Rugby… now there is a game for tough guys….

Judy Nichols Yes the NFL is no relevant anymore.College football is fun and the players truly bring excitement to the game.Pros are just pampered ,self-centered babies.They need realize fans are the reason they have high paying jobs and when the fans go ,so go their jobs.

Tom Rogers You know I read and listen to these arguments about WHAT these protests are really about and why. I can easily understand the what & why, my problem is the WHEN !!!! You don’t protest during the National Anthem !! They have millions of dollars, if they want to protest, buy a damn commercial and say what you want

Mike Messina Some of us who served this country did so for the ideals of America, and for the Constitution and the rights afforded all Americans. And those rights included in the First Amendment are the rights to protest the government. These NFL guy weren't hurting anyone, they were exercising the rights guaranteed all Americans. And by the way, the founding fathers expect us to protest the government when it is wrong, that's what the Constitution is all about. 
When I Took the oath, it was to uphold the Constitution, not the flag, not a song, the Constitution.

Darrell Johnson NFL. What a joke. Pathetic losers with no respect for flag, country, military and police. Tired of folks bitching about folks getting shot by police. Yeah not all are evil. The bad ones are sifting out. If you raised your kids properly they wouldn’t be on the street using and selling drugs, killing their own kind. Policing starts at home. 
What this country needs to do is start fixing problems the right way. We need to clean up Congress and the US Senate. More crookedness there then any place. Also state houses to

Mike Cotrich That is complete bull shit with the people that is dying everyday from a cop and they have nobody to stand up for them I’m with the NFL players all the way let’s see one day when it’s one of your kids what would you say then pathetic


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