Boycott the NFL Advertisers : LIVE LOOK IN at the College Football Playoff committee

Boycott the NFL Advertisers 

LIVE LOOK IN at the College Football Playoff committee


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Viewers reacted:

Zack Matthew I don't get why people think this is hard.

Winner of SEC is in: Auburn or Georgia.
Winner of ACC is in: Clemson or Miami.
Oklahoma is in if they win. (Big 12 winner)
Winner of Big 10 is in. Ohio state or Wisconsin.
Only way Alabama has a chance is if Oklahoma loses.

Travis Usrey Everyone's worried about top 4 and I'm over here like "why can't Texas tech have a good defense?"

Steve Hardin There they go to try and come up with a way to put Ohio State in again.

Ken Wlodarczyk Please, Bama will be ranked number 4. They will never leave Bama out of the playoff

Zachary Hewlett It's okay, they'll still manage to put Alabama in. The playoff committee is SEC bias anyways.

Brian Wayne Belknap II I'm hopeful for a Clemson loss. Solely for the fact that I want to see what shit you'd have to deal with then.

SierraLynn Brack Alabama was straight up outplayed tonight. Congrats to Auburn. They deserve the win.

Manuel Marquez I was rooting for chaos and Auburn won. Now it’s going to be interesting.

Edward Norton Isaac  I thought this was what the Dallas Cowboys front office looked like when they lost Zeke

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