A closer look at Blair Walsh’s field goal that came up just short

Boycott the NFL  2017

A closer look at Blair Walsh's field goal that came up just short


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	boycott the nfl 2017 

Boycott the NFL  2017

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Jason C. Loewen Did the Seahawks not remember that play off game against the Vikes where Walsh choked on a easy 3 pointer? What made them think of signing him anyways? Boycott the NFL  2017

Jonathan Cohoon Honestly there should have been a delay of game penalty on Atlanta for staying on top of the guy for more than a second. He forced the receiver to stay on the ground while the clock ran. Seattle should have been able to spike it and have a chance at a quick sideline toss but the refs were jacking each other. Same situation happened to CLE last week where the Detroit player sat on the browns player for over 5 seconds and let the clock run out.

Jason Donald Partington Hate to break it to people but if you know how football works, a kicker can't lose a game for his team, but he can win it.

Philip Waisome Did you see the look on Blair Walsh's face before he kicked it? All bug eyed I was like "Aww hell he's about to miss it again "

Andrew Armstrong Have you ever seen Blair Walsh and Jay Cutler in the same place at the same time?

Piotr Krzemien Damn. Stupid Seahawks. Let us sign Blair Walsh. He’ll become clutch. Smh. Boycott the NFL  2017

Gregorio Meraz Holguin Lmao How NFL teams still trust on blair walsh is out of my understanding, lmao.

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