Boycott the NFL and Their Sponsors Right Now

Boycott the NFL and Their Sponsors

I understand that the in stadium attendance is more for product image than profit. Although I'm sure the NFL makes a good bit from gate sales. The NFL doesn't like empty seats or even disinterested fans in seats. It makes the product or game look uninteresting, unentertaining, & boring. Most of the NFL money comes from selling the rights to the games.

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boycott the nfl and their sponsors

Boycott the nfl and their sponsors

With online streaming getting more popular there was a trend for more bidders for the rights. I would assume that would result in higher fees. We can hurt the NFL financially by not using tickets already bought & boycotting sponsers. The business model is like a water pipe. It takes a little time for the water to empty out after the water is turned off. I think sponsers & owners will soon start crying uncle. Even if we only reduce the NFL's income by 20% it will have an affect. What business would let employees or contractors cause it's income to down by 20% just because of a non-business issue.

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