NFL Strongly Considering Suspending JuJu Smith-Schuster For Hit On Vontaze Burfict

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Gronk putting an elbow into the back of a defenseless guy's neck who's laying on the ground: 1 game suspension

Making a hard block feet during a play, feet from the ball carrier: 1 game suspension

He launched helmet, then stood over him. granted I hate Vontez but JuJu had the block but he seen Vontez and gave the hit some Extra Sause and put the dudes lights out

Steelers WR JuJu Smith-Schuster made a block during Monday Night football’s Cincinnati-Pittsburgh matchup that knocked Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict out of the game.

The hit may now knock Smith-Schuster out of a game as well.

According to reports, the rookie could be suspended a game for what’s being called a dirty crack-back block.

The NFL is strongly weighing a one-game suspension for Steelers WR Juju Smith-Schuster for his hit on Vontaze Burfict, sources say. Those involved are expecting that to wind up being the case.

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Viewers reacted:

Zachery Witter Juju made a great block to Burfict who was most likely going to make a play on Le'veon Bell. That is how you play football.

Brian Franciosi All NFL fans celebrated that hit on Monday night. I literally jumped and taunted Burfict from my living room  I mean really, who didn’t love that?

Ben Traudt I can't believe anyone is upset about this hit. It was clean, shoulder pad to shoulder pad, right in the vicinity of the play. Not that it matters that it was Burfict he hit, but I mean, come on.

Carlos Díaz Gronk punishes player who can't cover properly so he interferes and the refs don's seem to care: He is a thug, get him out of the game, suspend him the rest of the season, 1 game is not enough!!!!! BLARHGAGLAG!!!

JuJu punishes player who can't play clean and the refs don't seem to care: Nah, man that was clean, that was karma anyway, if refs called all the times Burfict has attempted to injure other players this would not happen, but it's ok that it happened because the guy can't play clean and the refs are letting him get away with it.

Get the fuck out of here, hypocrites.

Tim Kunkle Gronk Jumped on top of the guy, after the play, out of frustration. With the intent to hurt.

Juju just made a hell of a block feet from the ball to try to Spring his running back. That's why they teach you as a kid to keep your head on a swivel. Juju should not be suspended whatsoever

Garrett Allred Love that the Gronk issue is being made a huge deal when last night was nothing but fighting and dirty hits (just like all of their previous games) The last time a Patriots player was suspended for an illegal hit was 2004. Keep it classy Steelers and Bengals fans.

Seth Chester Ju's hit was fine. Gronk was being his typical manchild self. Fine Juju if you want for the taunting but he doesn't deserve a suspension. Gronk should be out till the playoffs.

Ashley Machulak and that is the REAL reason ratings are down… The rednecks can get on here and blabber on about how it's Kaepernick and their boycotting and yada yada yada… but the truth is, they're the ones in the videos of fists being thrown in the stands at the games. They're not boycotting shit… It's people like me, who are sick and fucking tired of the Zebra's determining the outcome of these games over bullshit phantom penalties and the NFL throwing fines anytime someone blinks the wrong way at another player. I can fix you NFL, and I'll do it for 1/10th of Goodell makes…

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