Black Rhino Calf Kendi Latest Update Cincinnati Zoo

Black Rhino Calf Kendi Latest Update Cincinnati Zoo

Kendi out last week when it was warmer, showing his Mom how tough he is.



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Kendi the Rhino

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Supporters reacted to Black Rhino Calf Kendi Latest Update Cincinnati Zoo

Jane Sullivan Love love love! She’s so gentle and patient with him!

I got to see him out on Monday while I was there. He is just the cutest little dude

Christy Steinbrunner Poor little kendi has been totally overshadowed by fiona. He is so adorable!

Alice Kinman Haag Another cute baby at the Cincinnati Zoo!

Jeanne Palmer Schindler Well it seems Fiona has some cuteness competition!

Melissa Napier Beavan So sweet! And mom is so graceful when she runs. Like a show pony! 

Donna Moser Sure, it's all good fun until somebody gets poked in the eye…lol brave little guy!

Cindy Babcock Men do and his mom are so adorable!! He wants to play play play. Thinking this is how mom rhinos teach their kids how to spar! I love them both!

Cathy Carey The babies at your zoo make me so happy! Thank you for sharing clips of them!

Barbara Farmer Thomas Love seeing Mamas play with their babies!

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