Bills Fans & Players In Dolphins’ Stadium Go Nuts When Bengals Win & Send Them To Playoffs

There was plenty of celebrating Sunday at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami but it wasn’t by Dolphins fans.

The Bills not only needed to beat the Dolphins, but needed the Bengals to beat the Ravens to punch a ticket to the playoffs.


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After sealing a win themselves, the fate of Buffalo was in the hands of the Bengals, and they delivered courtesy of a last minute touchdown on fourth down – and Bills fans watching on stadium TVs along with players in the locker room went absolutely nuts.

Viewers reacted:

Richard Tazz I don't know if I would be celebrating going to the playoffs by having to rely on the Bangles for anything

Paul Allen Yeah but they’ll be one and done though! Don’t hate the Bills and I sincerely wish them luck but they’re just not very good. But who knows, maybe being in the playoffs will make them better. Always seemed to work that way for the Giants. Guess we’ll see

Joseph Connell While freezing my balls off in Baltimore, this play was not so exciting for me… D squandered another great opportunity. Congrats Bills for being the team to deserve the slot

Bailey Atchley Pretty cool nice to see them make it every now and then as a fan you get the chance to root for someone who’s not ur favorite but you wanna see succeed and this is definitely one of those things great to see the bills finally after all the work they put in getting a playoff berth ending a drought since 1999 this is one of the reasons I watch football for moments like this

Johnny Link As a Jets fan its nice to see the Bills back to being contenders a respectful one. They have so much history in the NFL i hate them but a friendly hate i'll always hate Miami more than the Bills or Patriots *Old School*

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