Bibi and Fiona Hippo Are Outside Today Enjoying The Mild Weather

Bibi and Fiona Hippo

Many of you have asked how Fiona and Bibi are getting along without Henry. The care team told us that they are fine as a bloat of two but probably do notice that Henry’s not around. Fiona and Bibi are outside today enjoying the mild weather. Keep in mind that it needs to be at least 50 degrees or higher for them to be outside.

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At 5ft long & 2.5ft tall, it's not unusual to see Fiona popping her head up to say "hello" to guests & care staff!

bibi and fiona hippo Fiona the Hippo


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Supporters react to bibi and fiona hippo

Melissa Gastineau Sweet Henry and Baby Fiona. This was such a sweet photo op! He’s side-eying all of her adoring fans while she’s peek around wanting to see what’s up!! So sweet!

Estella Bunny Howe Thank you for the update. Prayers that Bibi and Fiona continue to thrive. You have given us so much by allowing us to be a part of this adorable little family.

Mimi Cheatham Miller I am so happy that Bibi and Fiona have each other! It is even more miraculous to me now that Fiona, after being born prematurely, was accepted so readily by Henry and Bibi. Together, they gently played, cared for and instructed in the "ways of the hippo". Fiona flourished under their watchful eye! I am thankful that Henry, Bibi and Fiona had time to spend togather.

Linda Crawshaw Niemeier It is so sad that Henry is gone and they are a family of two now. May you find peace in knowing you gave Henry a wonderful life and care and you saved his baby Fiona, so a little of him still lives on, love you bibi and fiona hippo

Ozzie Slim It’s probably good they have each other now and Fiona will keep Bibi busy!!! As a mentally disabled man once described hippos to me “Hippo’s are the giants of the sky.”

Lisa Saling Adams My heart is so broken. I told my daughter about Henry and that I cried. She is like Mom you never saw him. I don't care even on Facebook and videos and sharing Fiona's story, you felt close to them. It became personal. My prayers goes out to his the zoo and his care team. I can't imagine how they feel.

Jodi Lynne Ierien Henry Hippo, long time resident of Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden passed away recently at home after a short illness. He leaves behind his loving mate, Bibi, and adorable daughter, Fiona. Henry will be greatly missed by legions of adoring fans, some of whom had the joy of meeting him in person/hippo, many of home learned to love him from afar. Henry and his family/bloat did a great deal to further fondness for hippos world-wide. Farewell, Henry. You are missed.

Cheryl Markley McCumbers I'm glad their doing ok and yes I'm sure they are missing Henry…it is so heartbreaking to loose any family member and his passing leaves a hole in my heart as well as I'm sure all who have come to know and love this perfect little family….

Sandy Mills She is just a joy. In a world full of bad news it's so nice to see this sweet baby every day! Thank you to the entire care team for all they do every day. Missing our sweet Henry

Lily Lottes She looks so much like her daddy. And just as sweet as he was. We will always be reminded of sweet handsome Henry every time we see his sassy little girl. We are all addicted to her and even more so now as Henry lives on through her


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