Baby Fiona the Astronaut Cincinnati Zoo

Baby Fiona the Astronaut Cincinnati Zoo 
Hippos are built for life in the water. Their eyes, ears, and nostrils are positioned on the top of the head so they can hear, see, and breathe while most of their body is underwater.


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Fiona the Hippo Is Best Part Of 2017

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Supporters reacted:

Becky Commons Fiona was the reason I finally visited the Cincinnati zoo for the first time in my life. The reason I knew about Fiona is b/c of your excellent usage of social media. Keep up the good work!! We also loved our experience with the sloth. Oh, and we loved the cheetah run (and adored Sir Francis Bacon).

I will now be a yearly visitor. I know that’s not a lot but I’m more than sure that many other people went to see Fiona for their first visit. Your love of the animals and all of the hard work that goes into caring for them and educating the public is evident in what you do.

Maryjo Johnson That is so cool the way she just rolls around and she is slowly sinks to the bottom and kudos to these people who keep these pins and habitat so clean this is water is so clean you can just see right through it it's amazing

Jennifer Lemar Whitley Thank you for my Fiona fix for today! That little hippo brings so much joy. She should get special recognition for the year 2017

Marti Thorndike Watching from Fl…glad it’s warm enough today for zoo visitors to see Fiona & Mom..I am so glad you post pics/videos for the rest of The Fiona Lovers to see.TY

Deborah Thorne The birth of a Fiona has got to be one of the best things that’s happened in 2017 she is so cute and growing so quick 

Peggy Becker She still looks small next to Bibi. Merry Christmas to the two most famous hippos in the world, beloved by many thousands, I dare say.

Elaine Brandt OMG! Imagine just playing and eating all day, doing whatever you and your mommy desire…I wish I had that life.

Christine Howe So wonderful to watch mamma n her baby playing and having some fun!! Fiona baby you are a real trooper!!! Love you

Lisa Rothhaar This is a fantastic. This Hippo was meant for show business!

Diane Breitenbach Cute little chub muffin. You should make a Fiona cookie cutter!

Kathy Azbill Barbarita She definitely knows how much people love her and she's happy to pose for those pictures. She is such a cutie pie!

Holly Moss Morgan She absolutely has to know how cute she is. She is certainly a bright spot in this crazy world!

B J Bannister Jewett Thanks for posting all these pics and videos. It's been a bright spot to follow Fiona's life and antics.

Jim Bastian Deb here: I love this sweet little girl. This is the first time I have heard her. What Joy. Thank you for sharing this beautiful footage.

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