Baby Black Rhino Cincinnati Zoo Update: Kendi’s Little Horn

Baby Black Rhino Cincinnati Zoo

Look at Kendi's little horn! Rhino horn is made of keratin, the same substance as human hair and fingernails with no medicinal value. A black rhino calf’s front horn becomes visible between one and two months of age.


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​The back horn becomes visible by about three months. By 12 months, the front horn may have a slight curve but the back horn is still quite flat.

baby black rhino cincinnati zoo

Kendi – Baby Black Rhino Cincinnati Zoo


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Supporters react:

Michelle Chesley Got to see this handsome stud Saturday. I wish he was getting as much attention as Fiona, he is such a cutie too. Love our zoo 

Richard Drees Fiona gets all the attention, and rightly so with her fight, but this little guy is among the rarest in the world…they are just cool animals….

Jennifer Robbins So if their horns are made of keratin, the same properties of human hair and nails, they why do people keep slaughtering these beautiful creatures for their horns?

Susanne Nelson Please send that information around the world, would you. For some reason in Korea, Thailand, China, etc…they still think the horn contains some magical substance and they are poaching them like crazy, I love Baby Black Rhino Cincinnati ZooThank you so much.

Carla Jean Snyder I wonder if it hurts like cutting a tooth or is it like a fingernail that just grows out of his head? Little Kendi is getting to be a big boy!

Peggy Becker Love this little guy heaps and bunches. Zoo has Fiona calendar, but I think a calendar of new babies would be nice also.

Becka Hornbeck I love his rough and tumble little boy energy! If Fiona is our princess, this little man should be our prince!

Nancy Fisher Thrasher He was so cute, playing chase with his mom last week. My mom got a kick out of the chase.

Robin Henselin McReynolds Awe Kendi love learning all these interesting facts about you!

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