Baby Ava Patch Latest Update : We Are on Our Way Home 10/29

Baby Ava Patch  Update

New Outlook, New Chapter

We are on our way home! 
We leave CHOP today with a bright outlook For Ava's future.  We continue to pray for a continued seizure free life and further mental and physical development. 

We now start our newest chapter as a family. 
Thank you all for your prayers and support form around the world; miracles can and do happen. 
Thank you,
The Patch Family 

baby ava patch updateBaby Ava and Mom


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Supporters reacted to baby Ava Patch update:

Carol Meroney Praise God, The power of prayer is truly remarkable! This is wonderful news! Continued prayers for healing and comfort! Safe travels home…love and hugs to all of You
By Lori Page I've followed your journey since I "met" your family through

Megan Jordan
There’s no place like home 💗, what a strong little fighter you are miss Ava💜. I pray for your continued amazing recovery, you are so blessed to have such wonderful parents to help you stay strong and heal. 
Much love to the Patch family
From my family in 

Anita Barger I'm so happy your home now. I don't know if you can read this or not. Ava has been and will be in my prayers. My prayers are to you Jordan and Colleen as well. Ava's stitches looked so great in the gallery. You can't even tell. May God bless you each and continue to heal Ava. I hope Colleen can get some rest with her baby next to her. I know it's been hard on both you as parents and Colleen being pregnant. Sending from Tenn.

Jill Mitchell What wonderful news that Ava can go home and her progress continues to be going so well.
I know all of you are exhausted and ready to be home.
Prayers continue for Ava's healing.

Kathleen Comer Im thrilled for the Patch family. Thank god the prayers worked. We will keep praying for you Ava sweetheart and wish you a speedy recovery to full health. You are a real cutie xx and hugs from Ireland

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Kathy Schoonveld This is such great news!!! Precious little Ave is a real trooper!!! Ava strong!!! Thank you for keeping us up dated on little Ava such wonderful news to know she will be home soon!!! God bless you and your family and watch over you all!!! Give little Ava. Hug and kiss from me!
Continued prayers for precious little Ava

Nancy brown
That is great news. I will certainly continue to pray for Ava and you two also. Keep up the good work little Ava. We all love you

Diane Del Monte Wow! Terrific news! Keep those positive reports coming! Be strong and take care of yourselves while taking care of Ava. Speedy recovery!

Donna Hollern I'm thrilled beyond words to read about Ava's recovery. God works miracles. Best wishes to the Patch family in the coming days. 5 days–no sizures WHEE

Frances Metallo Sooo very happy for you Jordan..and I praying for her home recovery too..I know it's a long journey but one wonderful journey…God has answering our prayers….get home safely

Cheryl Innes Fantastic!! Amazing what prayers and doctors can do today!! AVA has done a great job with her recovery.

Tina Menard Oh Thank God, this is such wonderful news.
I'm continuing to pray for this precious lil girl and the Patch family. 
God is Great ! 
Sincerely an April's unity member

Laeko House May God continue his healing in little Ava. Prayers are very powerful and healing..I am so very happy that little Ava's progress is going so well and that she is heading home where she will be comfortable and get back to her sweet self..May she continue to be Seizure Free.. Be Forever Blessed Patch Family

Linda Hulse That is Fantastic News so happy to hear that. God is good. Thank you Lord for all the prayers that have been answer. Amen.

Daphne LutzChilders I love the patch family so much. So thankful that Ava is doing well and hope she will continue. Thank you God

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