ALF the giraffe Update Today

Alf the Giraffe Alert 7/24/2017

Keeper Maggie checking in and hope you all are having a good Monday. Alf is having another good day so I figured I'd share a video of Alf working on his progress.

Here is Alf finishing up his lunch bottle from Keeper Kari. We keep working with him every feeding, taking small steps, which is funny for a long legged animal.

alf the giraffe alertAlf the Giraffe

I'll keep you posted on any and all progress he makes so I hope you are prepared for more pictures or videos. 

   apirl thei giraffe    

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Supporters react:

Linda Scott I'm in love with this baby & love all the pics you can send! Thank you for taking such good care of him!!

Teresa Fildes Alf is so darn cute ! Thank you Maggie and Care Team for all you do

Nancy Poole Tripp Thank you Maggie we Love the updates and videos are priceless Alf is adorable

Birgit Holmquist Goldfarb OK… that sucking, slurping sound near the end of the video before ALF smiles for the camera has me grinning from Alf ear to Alf ear! #TeamAlf

Brenda Vanderwiel That's so great that he is doing well! Love the videos and thanks for sharing!

Kimberly Morris I live him so much and hope I will get to meet him in a few months. Love the videos. Thank you very much.

Kris Bush I love seeing these Alf videos. Would just love to kiss that precious face  Thanks for the updates!


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