Our baby aardvark dreaming of termite mounds.

Our baby aardvark dreaming of termite mounds.


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Supporters reacted:

Katherine Walsh You guys really have cornered the internet on cute babies

Patricia Helms Oh is that SOOOO cute! You have us thinking of so many various animals/reptiles on and on. What teachers you are and so much fun for us to pass on to little ones! Thank You

Valerie Rice Why does no one like the name Jeffery… It's better then naming him something simple like Archie or Aaron….. It's an aardvark give him a unique name

Antoinette Meurer I think he's dreaming about nursing, not ants. He looks exactly the same as when my babies fall asleep nursing and then they continue to suckle.

Betty Ann Listowich I have to admit, this creature is amazing to me, absolutely no exposure to them so I am fascinated by your posts. Keep em coming!

Karen Meyers Gibson His nails are crazy! How cute and sweet!! Still think his name should be Garfunkel and call him Funky for short 

Sharon Frank Which begs the question: how do you provide termite mounds or a similar experience for your aardvarks?

Terrie S. Rath He is so stinking cute….I have a new appreciation for Aardvarks thanks to your posting's.



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