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Ava Patch Update

Ava has Aicardi Syndrome and sadly suffers from multiple seizures daily, in the form of infantile spasms.
Medical treatment has failed to stop the seizures and she continues to have a developmental delay.
Today, October 24th, CHOP Neurosurgeon Benjamin Kennedy, MD is performing surgery. The procedure is called a (R) Hemispherotomy; they're removing the part of her brain that has the abnormal brain waves and "disconnecting" the 3 bands that connect the Right side of the brain to the Left.  The hope is that the L brain takes over for the R with intense rehab, likely beginning next week.

ava patch update

Ava Patch

​OCT 24 Update:

Ava Strong

She’s still pretty sleepy, but they’re stimulating her left side and she IS moving!!!!!
Temporary Paralysis was possible, depending on different variables faced during surgery.
Go Ava

Discussion with Dr. Kennedy

We just spoke with Dr. Kennedy and he was very optimistic. He said there were no surprises and Ava tolerated everything very well. He stressed that the coming weeks are crucial and she will face many “ups and downs” along the way.
Jordan & Colleen are with Ava now in the PICU. We will continue to update as Ava wakes up and recovers.
Thank You, everyone, for your kind words, thoughts and prayers!

Update 1pm

The Charge Nurse updated Jordan & Coll mins ago. Dr. Kennedy and Anesthesia said Ava is doing very well, all vital signs within normal range!

3pm update

Journal entry by B.J. Kozel — 

It will be a couple hours before Jordan & Colleen can be with Ava, but so far she's doing great.
Please keep the Prayers coming

The Charge Nurse updated Jordan & Coll mins ago. Dr. Kennedy and Anesthesia said Ava is doing very well, all vital signs within normal range!

Surgery Update

Ava went in for surgery at 7:30am, and Dr. Kennedy began the procedure at 9:50am. Anesthesia reported that she's doing 

>>>>>> Read more :

OCT 25 Update:

No Seizures in 24 hours

…Colleen added as of 7:15am Ava has gone 24 hours without a (witnessed) seizure!

Update from Coll & Jordan

Pretty good night. 

She is a thirsty girl. After a brief fight with them they agreed to allow her water around 4 am. 

Otherwise – resting easy. When she is awake she has sat up, she's handing out high fives, has said momma, Bobba, and her sound for "more". 

Surgeon was extremely happy to see the amount of movement in her left arm and leg. Very promising and proves the left brain had already started taking over for the right. 

MRI shortly to get an internal snapshot.

New Photos will be posted soon… Read More of the journal titled "Update from Coll & Jordan"

Updating …. F5 for latest update today

Please continue to support the Park and Prayers for little Ava


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Supporters react to Ava Patch Update

Lori Gehringer: Wonderful news.. you’ve got this Little Ava! We are all praying for you, mommy and dadd

Chris Taylor: Such wonderful news to wake up to in U.K. You are such a strong little fighter Ava and I am so pleased you are doing so well. This is the beginning of the road to recovery, tiny steps every day and all of us in the giraffe family will be with you all the way. Stay strong you beautiful little girl. Lots of love and hugs to you and your Mummy and Daddy

JULIE WERTZ My thoughts and prayers are going out to precious little Ava and her entire family as she continues to recover!! I am very happy to know she is doing well.  I too suffer from many health issues myself and have had many surgeries in my 43years. God's got this, and I know with His love and her families love and support she will make a full recovery. God bless You all

Patricia B Browning Thank you for Ava Patch Update. I am so Happy Sweet Li'll Ava that surgery went well and is now behind you. Stay strong!  God will keep you and your Mommy & Daddy safely in his arms to keep you safe as you recover. 

Ursula Gentry
Sending healing prayers to Jordan. Colleen and sweet baby Ava.
I am so happy that Ava's surgery went well.
You got this little Ava. God will watch over you and your wonderful parents.
We love you. 

Christiane Simmons Positive thoughts for a successful outcome after the surgery.  Wishing you a speedy recovery Ava and know that you have a whole bunch of people routing for you to get well soon!  You are in good hands!
Big hug from Virginia Beach xxx

Beth cummings 
Sending prayers she is little so she will do amazing keep the smiles and laughter she will hear you.  Make sure you take the time for you to eat and sleep in shifts.  God will see you through this.  Ava has come along way today may God bless.

Julie Townsend, Fitchburg, MA Have been praying all day long for all of you. So glad the surgery wemt well and Ava can begin the healing process. Stay strong Ava, we are all pulling for you and want to see you healthy ans seizure free! Praying especially for mom and dad!

Tammy Hout Praying for a complete recovery and giving strength to her and her parents. Keep fighting the good fight Ava.

Sending lots of lots of love and hugs to Ava and the whole family.   Sending lots of prayers that Ava continues to progress.   So glad to hear that she is doing so great.

Awesome news. I am still praying fervently. I believe with all my heart that this is God's answer to prayer and that Ava is going to thrive and shine God's glory. And I pray that Jordan and Colleen grow closer together and closer to Jesus than ever before. 

Donna Saraireh|a 

Good morning Colleen and Jordan and Tha little angel we all call Ava which was my mother's name.i am so happy you fought to give her water the poor baby must of been so thirsty and that is a good sign. Also no problem s in more the 24 hours is the most positive thing so far and that she is moving her left side alot God bless her Colleen and Jordan please give her kisses from me bless her Dr Donna hope we speak soon please keep telling us what is going on I am so worried

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