Ava Patch Update Today: Rise & SHINE 10/27

Ava Patch Update Today 

Rise & SHINE

Jordan & Colleen Update:
We met early this morning with Ava's surgeon.  He, as are we, have been nothing short of amazed with her recovery.  
She continues to be fever free; fevers being major concern for patients after brain surgery. Her pain is controlled and her personality starting to shine again. 
Smiles and high fives from a happy girl than can now be held by mom and dad. 
Better news is that the cranial drain will be removed today!
Her lack of "lost abilities" on her left side is suggesting she is not a candidate for the intensive inpatient PT that could have kept us here for a month if not more. 
The sun rises with great news and outlook today! 
It's one we will not soon forget. 

Litte Ava and Mom

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Supporters reac to Ava Patch Update Today 

Kristen Reilly Awesome news & beautiful sunrise! Great way to start the day! Continued prayers for Ava and family!

Cathleen Borman Ava is a STRONG little girl. It is amazing that she is doing so well so fast. God is really watching over your family. Happy tears this morning after reading your update. GO AVA!!!!!!!!!!! You are 

Wendy Norcliffe What wonderful news. #AvaStrong ❤️ How special she is just like her parents. It must be wonderful to hold thar precious little lady. My love and thoughts are with you all.

Judy Van Til| What wonderful news! Continuing to pray for more miracles and miraculous recovery. May God keep each one of you in His hands.

Diane Childress Such amazing news!! What a strong little girl you have! Prayers for her continued progress and strength for Jordan and Colleen. Thank you for letting us share in your journey. HUGS to you all

Carol Bowen Good morning, I hope Ava had a more restful night last night and is continuing to progress and recover. Blessings to that sweet girl and her blessed family #AvaStrong 

Josie Wright More awesome news so glad these prayers are being answered. We will keep all the prayers an good vibes coming your way Ava. Momma is the best comfort praying she gets to hold you today , Stay strong an positive. Lov you lil girl

Cheron Fisher  Lots of Prayers being said & abscent healing being sent not just for the most beautiful precious Ava but for mum,dad,grandparents & family also, to help you all through this very stressful time.,i agree with Melissa & others You will never ever know how much love  & support worldwide there is for you all.please know you are all loved sòooooooo very much.from us in North Wales UNITED KINGDOM #AvaStrong

Melissa Petty There is so much love and support for you all, especially the besutiful and sweet Ava. Lots of good wishes, thoughts and prayers are being said for you all. God's continued blessings to Ava and to Jordan and Colleen. #AvaStrong

By Vikki Hendershot  Oh what a wonderful site for Mama and also Ava to be held . I believe in pray ! Prayers from everyone are helping little Ava . God Bless you all and I will continue to pray for Ava. I will add her to my church pray list. From Lexington SC. When my daughter was little 9 months she has eye surgery and I was so upset, I only some what of what you are going through, God is with her every minute I know. Colleen please take care of yourself and your babies.

Lindy Rout Oh I'm so glad you are able to hold her again and that the drain will be removed. She is amazing and going from strength to strength. Not only is this going to be good news for her continued development but also for those parents out there facing the same issues. My sincere love and respect for you all.

Mary Kay Mason Power prayer and the strength of one little girl. You’ve got this Ava! Congrats to Mom and Dad…hold Ava close and love on her.

Pam Simpson GREAT NEWS to wake up to…. With tears of joy streaming down my face I thank God for his kind works….. Hang in there Patch Family, GOD IS GOOD…. #Ava Strong….

Bettie Campbel A new day with new Blessings! You must be so happy & relieved to hold your precious girl! Continued prayers for Ava, Jordan & Colleen. Take care of each other!

Ruth Ann J King I love these shirts and coffee mug, great joy and news today. Praise the Lord. Continued prayers for speedy recovery and home soon. YOU GO AVA – YOU GOT THIS.

Please continue to support and prayers for little Ava:


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