Ava Patch Update From Jordan and Collen 

Ava Patch Update From Jordan and Collen 

Change in Scenery

Ava is doing great! Incision appearance and swelling are surprisingly mild as she continues to heal. The removal of the cranial drain yesterday, was a big step!

The steroids Have her a bit cranky and needy; summoning Colleen to her bedside for hugs as needed. 

Her toys have made their way to the crib and the silence of the room is now broken up by the familiar sounds of Doc McStuffins theme song. 

There are talks of moving Ava from intensive care to another floor and the reality of a discharge in the near future.  Ava will require weeks of special care and attention at home – but it will be HOME. 

Let us not forget – end of day today we will celebrate her 5th day seizure free!




ava patch update from jordan and collen

Ava Patch 

Last update on Ava:

Supporters react to Ava Patch Update From Jordan and Collen 
By Josie Wright Aww so happy you got to hold her still sending prayers an good vibes give her kisses from everyone who hearts she has touched lov ya ava girl

Pamela Guthrie Colleen & Jordan and all the Patch family members….God is an awesome God…He has heard and answered the prayers of a multitude of people worldwide for your precious little Ava. Continued prayers for the rest of Ava's recovery and all of your futures. You have so impacted the world in such a caring and compassionate way. Blessings to you always…..a giraffe lover !

Aggie Foust| Love, support and continued prayers for all of you. Great news and blessings continue. Little miss Ava…you got this beautiful.

Maureen Bova God bless your sweet Ava ! What a beautiful picture of mom holding her baby! Wishing Ava a speedy recovery! #AvaStrong

Mary Daley Thank you Lord for having this beautiful little girl recover so well from her surgery.

Jillian Fox Congratulations! So very happy for all of you. Continued healing for Ava. Thoughts and prayers are going your way!

Paula Keenan Ava you are amazing. Jordan and Colleen you are the best parents! I cant even imagine what you two are going through right now. I only wish you all the best! Sending continued prayers

Carrie Lemke Wow…the power of prayer! We will keep on praying for continued healing and strength for you all as I'm sure the journey is still long. 

Martha Cheryl Sherwood So heart warming to receive such wonderful news. May her progress continue . Many hugs and kisses to u all

Brenda French So wonderful to hear the good news. Prayer works! That, plus the love of Mom, Dad & family & friends. Stay strong, little hero

Debralyn Lawlor-Powers God Bless you all! We will continue our prayers for your family, and all the others in similar situations. Loves and Hugs to sweet Ava

Janice Johnson What awesome news!!!! So happy. Prayers and God are with you all helping her come back home as soon as she can. Love this!

Becky Wells I am so glad she is doing so well. I hope she continues to amaze everyone with new accomplishments everyday. My husband had this done 60 some odd years ago. He is now 70. He has had a great quality of life. He was born with water on the brain and had seizures also. He had a few challenges like stunted growth, he's 5 feet tall, and problems with reading, other than that has been very active and successful. We have been married 47 years. With the new technology today I'm sure things are better. I wish Ava all the best. If you have any questions about long term prognosis, please feel free to ask us questions. My thoughts and prayers are with you al

Mary Glisson I am so glad that little Ava is bouncing back so well. I pray that God continues to heal her.

Tammy Scott Wonderful news. Sending good vibes for a speedy recovery and best wishes for smooth sailing ahead. 

(By the way, congratulations, Jordan, on receiving the NYS tourism award. I've visited AAP and have followed April et al since her pregnancy. You and your team at AAP deserve it)

Bonnie Pratte Fantastic news. So glad that Ava is making such good progress. Sending love and prayers to Ava, Jordan and Colleen. Have a blessed day… Thanks so much for the updates.

Joanie Kahoun Spurio This is wonderful news to hear!! God has His arms wrapped around little Ava and is seeing her through this. Continued prayers and healing energy being sent your way. Thank you for keeping us posted

KJ Jacobsen Yes our God is so good! Thank you Jesus for Ava & her mommy & daddy! Thank you for this update & many prayers continue

Debbir Paiott I am so thrilled also ! So happy and thankful for you all ! Sweet Ava the world loves you

Rita Kempton Woodworth Jordan & Colleen, so happy your sweet baby is doing so well. I feel you have become like family through AAP's cam and site. Prayers for all of you during this hard time. Hopefully Ava will be home soon and doing what every child should be doing without illness.

Sissy Malon Blessed News! High Five Ava! Keep Shining On! Prayers and thoughts still coming your way for continued strength and healing. Love to your mommy and daddy and baby X as well

Beverly Jean Awesome news. Ava has alot of strong prayers being said for her and her mom and dad by alot of ppl.Gods amazing. Power of prayers. Continued prayers

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Lisa Lasley  My heart is overflowing with love for Ava. What a little trooper. This is the first thing I check when I get up in the morning. (Just like did with April). Your family and AAP has brought so much in my life and I feel like you are a part if my family, even though we have never met. Prayers for continued healing for Ava and strength and peace for Jordan and Colleen. Give Ava a snuggle and a kiss from me.

Evie Nielsen Thanking and Prasing God for each new day. He is gently watching over her with His love and the love of Mommy, Daddy and all who keep her in their thoughts. God bless you all

Donna Szewczyk Speechless at all the good news. May Aca's recovery continue to flourish and may Mom and Dad start breathing sighs of relief and putting the worries aside. Still praying at this end for you all. Have a Blessed day. xoxo

Gartner What wonderful news to greet this new day! Praise God! It is fantastic to hear that Ava's has not lost abilities on her left side and does not need extra intensive PT. How wonderful that you do not need to stay for PT. You can go home and be in your own surroundings! What a miracle! And the crainial drain is being removed? Ava, you are a real rock star! You go big girl! I am so glad that Mommy and Daddy can hold you, love you and give you kisses, hugs and rock you in their arms!

Fran Ewell Oh my God, how wonderful to hear this news. God is truly blessing little Ava, Jordan and Colleen….My heart is overflowing and my tears are falling because I am so so very happy for the Patch Family……God bless Jordan, Colleen and Little Ava for now and forever more…..( and a giraffe family lead me to "meet" this beautiful family)……..I, too, have been and am, so blessed

Diane DeSousa Wonderful news, great progress! So very happy for all of your family. Sweet Ava is on the mend! Hoping everyone is getting some rest and that Mom Colleen is putting her feet up and napping too. Ava will be a fantastic big sister! Prayers will continue for all

Jeannette Balthaser WOW! What an AWESOME God we serve!! Hallelujah! So precious all the good news and Momma hugs; familiar toys; Daddy hugs and hearing the word 'HOME'. There IS no place like home! No better place to speed up the recovery process. Whenever my Daddy was ill and in the hospital, the doctors had to send him home so he would recover!! Nothing like being home with the people we love and the familiar settings and warmth of 'home'. Be blessed today!

Carol Steadman Praying still for a complete healing. May God watch over you Jordan,Coleen and sweet baby Ava also the new little Patch protect and Bless you always. Lots of. Love and Hugs toyou all. Stay strong sweet Ava

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