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This is a beautiful story when you love some one, we hope you love it:

I am woken up by kisses all over my sleepy face. I slowly open my eyes and I see the most beautiful creature on earth, Sandile. I then smell tea, I'm being served breakfast but my eyes defeat me as I feel them close.

Sandile kisses me again, this tone I smile with my eyes closed. He kissed my lips and I smile more.

Sandile: wake up baby, we having breakfast at the patio.

I may be asleep but I think it’s still a little cold at this time of the day, even though it’s spring now.

I open my eyes and see the cup of tea I’ve been smelling on his hand.

Me: isn't cold?

Sandile: I should have opened the curtains so you could see how sunny it is, besides it’s almost 10 now.

Me: ohw wow, I didn't realise.

Sandile: of course you didn't, sleepy head.

Me: hahaha.

He kissed my nose, I smile and blush all together.

Sandile: come our food will lose its warmth, plus I have to leave soon.

Me: I was about to ask why you so dressed up.

Sandile: here is your tea, come.

I sort of have a problem, at night I took of all my clothes. I wasn’t feeling comfortable. Sandile was in bed next to me but he was asleep, right now he is very much awake. I’m feeling a little bit shy walking around naked especially with this huge bell, even worse he is not the father.

Me: okay, can you excuse me for a minute. I need to get dressed.

He gives me a confused look.

Sandile: I don't mind looking at you.

Me: I know, but I do.

Sandile: Why?

Me: I don’t know, it just feels a bit weird. I've never done it really.

Sandile: well there is always a first time for everything.

I smile nervously, I don’t move from the bed.

Sandile: Okay, I'll be outside.

I relax as I watch him leave. I get off the bed, get dressed and then go to the patio. I have the most delicious breakfast with the most handsome man.


Dad and daughter

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Me: aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

Mom: ohw my poor baby!

Me:wooooh aaaaaaaahh.

Mom: it’s will be over soon sweetheart.

Me: mom it’s been 5 hours already, I want to give birth already.

Mom: the doctor knows what she is doing.

Me: I’m in pain!!!

Mom: I know, just hold on.

Just as I’m trying to hold on a hard contraction kicks in, I scream so loudly Tsepo comes rushing in the door. He has been waiting outside ever since we came here, he claims I’m making him nervous because I’m in so much pain.

Tsepo: what’s happening? Doctor! Is the baby here? Nurse! Come on!

Even with the pain I’m going through I feel terrible for him, he is so scared. He doesn’t know what to do.

Just then the Zethu comes in followed by the nurses. She checks me and tells me that I still have an awfully lot of time I need to wait.
I want to burst into tears, I want to crawl into Sandile’s chest. I’m so sad that he isn’t here.
He said he Did not want it to seen seem like he is trying to take Tsepo’s child away and wanted a relationship with the baby more than he should. I tried to convince otherwise but he was set in that he isn’t coming.

Tsepo: you’ll be fine Zeina.

He says so sweetly. I smile at him.
My mom, the doctors and the nurses have left the room. It’s just us too, I can tell that he is still nervous and doesn't really want to be here anymore.

Me: thank you for being here.

The contractions are slowly dying, probably resting for another round of torturing me.

Tsepo: I wouldn’t be anywhere else.

Me: no I mean inside here, I know how terrified you are.

Tsepo: I just hate seeing you in so much pain.

Me: Its for our baby.

Tsepo: thank you Zenani.

Me: don't mention it.

He leans over, kisses my forehead and tightens the grip on my hands. I smile at him again.
I cannot help but think how weird things would be bad Sandile agreed to come, maybe it isn’t such a bad idea that he is not here. He will be in the baby's life anyways.
Tsepo and I have been in a good place, communicating well and respecting each other's boundaries. Our baby will get to have two parent's who love each other and will love him unconditionally.

Just then our moms walk in the ward, Tsepo let’s go of me and exit the room.

Phindile: how are you feeling honey?

Me: better for now ma.

Phindile: that’s better then, you'll be fine.

Mom: I bought you some juice.

Me: thank you mom, you can put it aside.

Zethu walks in, not with the nurses this time around.

Zethu: my friend, cha uyatetema shame.

Phindile and my mom laugh at me, I think their laugh is a loud indication that they agree with Zethu.

Me: nawe you very unprofessional.

She rolls her eyes and comes closer to me.

Zethu: it’s hard I know but it will all be worth it my angel.

Me: thank you Zethu.

Zethu: Sandile Sandler is worried about you.

Me: he is? I haven't spoken to him.

Zethu:: yeah he has been calling every hour.

Me: why doesn't he call me? Let me call him.

Zethu: he probably thinks you don t have time for your phone, you are in labour after all.

Me: I guess you right.

Zethu: yeah I came to tell you that, I’m come back for another round later.

Me: thank you Zethu.

Zethu: pleasure sweetheart.

She leaves and I take my phone from my bag. I text Sandile who replied almost too quickly.

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