Ava Patch Latest Update This Morning From Jordan and Collen

Ava Patch Latest Update 


Update from Jordan & Colleen:

Ava is certainly feeling more herself but also much more aware of the discomfort. Rough night but sleeping well this morning after a big breakfast! 

She is reaching out and asking for "Momma" – wanting to be picked up. Hopefully soon. 

During rounds this morning, more discussion on removing IV lines (from 5 down to 2 at the moment); and also a plan for allowing her to be held while not compromising the cranial drain. 

  A couple smirks and "Momma" help get through the tougher times! #AvaStrong

ava patch latest update

Ava Patch

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Ann Torres Continuing positive thoughts & Prayers for all of you.Stay Strong!!Ava has hundreds & hundreds of cheerleaders,throughout the world,all sending good positive vibes……And Prayers!..Wishing all of you a good day today.And remember…One day at a time!

Carol Bowen This is a wonderful update Jordan and Colleen. I am so happy to read the progress that you all have shown us with sweet Ava. Prayers will continue for this baby girl each and every day . Blessings to all  #AvaStrong

Jennifer Wondrack Oh….such wonderful updates!! Ava is precious, brave & strong!! So are her amazing parents!! We are all praying for you. GO AVA GO!

Betsy Kohler-Flores What great news! Continued prayers for Ava's continuing good progress and full recovery

Sue Goulding I have tears of happiness flowing now I'm so pleased for you all much love to you all and the beautiful Ava

Nancy McIndoe God is good! So thankful Ava's doing good. Thank you for sharing this much awaited update. Prayers continue for all of you and continued healing for precious Ava. Jordan and Colleen get some rest all is good at the Park – Taj is bossing everyone and keeping Oliver in check. April just goes about her day eating and eating and eating!! So you see, you just take time for each other and everything else will be fine!!! God Bless and Be with you always.

Lesley Romani So happy to read your wonderful update! I’m amazed at how quickly Ava is recovering after such an intrusive op! What a little trooper! #AvaStrong

Sally Harris Jordan and Coleen, you truly deserve a fantastic recovery and a little girl who you can watch grow and live a much happier and healthier future. I was a paediatric nurse in the UK at a very famous children's hospital in London and know how hard it is for you as parents to watch your baby having such invasive surgery, but I pray she continues to get stronger daily and the seizures become a thing of the past.. You both have given so much to all of us, I hope all our love and that of your friends and family gives you strength during this time. April has done something incredible. ! We are all with you. Love from London x



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Julie Healey I am so very glad that Avas' surgery is over and I hope the healing continues to be as great as it seems to be from the start! She is such a precious little Angel of God. She is beautiful, just like both her parents. May God Wrap Both His Loving Arms Around You and give You the Peace you deserve! God Love Ya! We all do! Julie Healey Troy, Kansas

Janet Arico 20,000 people wishing n praying,,,can't ask for anything more ,,, this is awesome,,,I believe in all these good vibes helping sweet ava keep them coming,,,this family deserves all the best 

Carol Meroney Yay Ava! You have a lot of Auntie's from all other the world praying for you sweet girl! Taj said to tell you that he is praying for you too and that he loves you.  Hugs and prayers to your mama and daddy too!

Alice Huntley As long as we are in this world we can expect problems from time to time.But our God knows all about this, and we can pray for His help in coping with it.  Also, pray for His healing touch on little Ava, the doctors working out new ways to help heal her.Love and prayers for the parents and family.

Barbara Miller I'm so glad to hear she is doing good. Keeping Miss Ava in my prayers and thoughts. Lord please wrap your loving hands around this family and hug them. Please Lord also keep Miss Ava close and rest your healing hands on her. In Jesus name Amen

Julie Townsend, Fitchburg, MA So thankful she is showing so many positive signs and doing so well. She is so precious! Praying angels surround her and her crestpr's healing touch bring her to full health

Dawn Sorayazadeh What wonderful news for you and your family! I'm sending lots of prayers, hugs, and kisses to Ava and mom and dad…..You have an amazing and strong daughter and I know she'll be in your arms soon. My thoughts are with you toda

Barbara Cunliffe Fantastic news, next step, cuddles with mum and dad. Stay strong baby girl, there's a long and healthy life ahead of you. Lots of love and positive vibes from Lancashire, England xxx

Please continue to support and prayers for little Ava:


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