Arty Animal Adventure Park Day 17

Quite the climb starting Day 17,
The worst that could happen? Dangers unforeseen!

Lilly and Lucy, and new girl Patches,
Unique markings, attention each catches!

Dromedaries, only one hump,
Their bactrian cousins, double the bump.

Well adapted, a thick fleece they grow,
It gets cold in the desert, it may even snow!

But, with the Spring, comes warmer weather,
In giant clumps, it sheds off together.

"Ships of the desert", a resourceful beast,
Our camel fleet, to be increased!

Lucy, soon expecting, a young camel calf,
But soon could mean later, if like April the Giraffe!!

arty animal adventure park jordan patch

Arty Animal Adventure Park

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Quite the climb starting Day 17,

Susan Marie 

The manger lay silent for all who were near,
For darkness surrounded the tiny reindeer.
The twinkle of light came across the road,
Showing images of Maxx and Remy, I’m told.

The gentle brush of God’s Lowly hand,
Sends Angels to watch over this little land.

He gathers the animals, the weak and the mild,
To bring them to Jordan as his little child.

The smell of pine cones, hot chocolate and holly,
Created a glow which made us all jolly,
From red top roofs to candy cane lanes, 
To gingerbread men and beautiful cranes.

Conservation is the lesson we’ve learned,
Thousands united to show their concern.
Donations are needed though out the year, 
For those with no voice to not disappear.

Our belief is still one, for you are the man,
Who brought us together with one little cam.
New buildings to build is the forward plan,
Thank goodness for toilets to add to the glam!

The welcome center opened much to Arty’s delight
Thousands of people, Oh, what a sight!
Carrots a plenty for next year to go,
2018 will be exciting we know!

Merry Christmas, Love and Happy New Year to Jordan, family and wonderful team!

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