April the Giraffe Live Cam Today On July of 11

Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam

Animal Adventures with Jordan: Reticulated Giraffe

April not LISTENING to Allysa Lol

Supporters react:

Karen Noto​Hi Jordan, we were there on Friday and wanted to send condolences on Maxx. Sorry we missed seeing u, but I had a great chat with your mom and she showed me the latest pics of baby Ava,she is beautiful

Evelin​ Animal Adventure Park , Jordan, please, clear something up for some of the folks in here. Many calves has  April had and were there any miscarriages or stillbirths. Thank you.

are jordan patch and alyssa relatedApril the Giraffe and Taj

Mindy Cherches Nelson We were there, in our hot pink April/Taj t-shirts, on Saturday and LOVED our experience at AAP!!! We drove up from Maryland (only 4.5 hours) and it was so worth it. The staff was lovely and helpful. Having the opportunity to feed the animals was exciting. Most importantly, getting to finally meet April, Taj, and Oliver was the BEST!!! Warning – Do not put your carrots on the banister (behind Jordan) as I did. April came over and decided to help herself to the entire bunch. LOL!!! 

Janet Martin Wood What happens if they decide that April is to old to mate again being she is 15 years old and Oliver is only 5. Will they not breed Oliver again or would they get rid of April or just end up with these 2 for the rest of there lives?

April the giraffe and Allysa, Tajiri, Oliver

Audrey Niemeyer From your lips to God's ear, Jordan. Too many of the wild animals we have come to know and love, in our lifetime, are not going to be around for other generations to enjoy. It is people like you that get the word out to the rest of us, that something must be done, and done quickly. Thank you for caring! 

Karen Noto My son and I were there on Friday 6/7. Finally getting to meet our beautiful giraffe family was awesome! My son even got video of me getting a big giraffe kiss from April! It was almost a 13 hour drive from Central Illinois for us, but well worth every hour! Its a day I will never forget!

Mildred Stallings Sounds like from Jordan they are going to try and put Oliver, April and Taj together in about a month. Hope we will be able to watch. I think since April is such a great mom she will protect him from Oliver if he acts up.

Dee Burnsides As always, Jordan you wow us with information in such a way as to peak our passion for Animals. Every week, we learn so much. Thank you so much for your love of Animals, and your ability to learn and teach as much as you can. We are all so fortunate to have found you. You bless us all with your love of these Animals. Where is the best place to donate to your second Giraffe Barn now that Gofundme is gone?


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                                   Julius update Intensive Care 


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