Watch live: April the giraffe’s live video feed is back up

 April the giraffe's live video feed is back up 

Today day we will update live for you in detail:

6:53 AM April has been standing still as a statue, again, with basically the only movement seen is her underbelly moving with each breath. Then she stretched just now. I don't know of any other word to describe what she did in a standing position. I wish we could see what the tortoises are doing on the balcony that so fascinates April.

 I read somewhere that in the wild giraffes stand still and watch the surroundings in search of dangerous predators. Something was written about how many hours, or something similar to that. I can't visualize what I was reading, but of course it was on the Internet.

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 Punnkin Doodle, it wasn't in that resource on giraffes that has a picture of a giraffe skeleton?

Punnkin Doodle I totally understand about the dipping down of her spine. Are we both thinking of the dip just as her hip/pelvis area starts?

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Active labor is When hoofs are present …labor observations is what you are observing we're all on watch. And at night April is a totally different momma to be than daytime. So Push April Push!

Thank you, very much . I managed to get my eyes open from sleeping to really read your answer, after I had typed in a draft answer, as follows. It's long, but does explain my personal opinion, which many others share in part, large or small part, and in whole:

It's "Labor" Observations because she is in labor, in my own personal opinion. She is have contractions, in my own personal opinion. Besides, giving birth is "Labor" in my own personal opinion. Pregnancy is a "Labor" from the day of conception, in my own personal opinion. The initiation of this Post is personally my personal idea. I personally think that the hooves showing is a "Hard Labor" situation. It is just my own personal objective to give me and any other member a place to centrally locate time, date, and action observed in April's Labor. The observations documented can be helpful in identifying a change in behavior, giving us a baseline for comparison. It can't be totally accurate because the observations are based on an Auto-Focus camera where her spots are constantly "swimming." But, in the end, it is for fun, and it sure beats having to say, I think  has changed, but maybe I'm just not remembering that correctly or on what day it happened, etc. I am having fun. I hope you are, too.

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