Allyssa & APP Owner Full Interview – Q &A on April the Giraffe

April the Airaffe 

April the Airaffe – Allyssa & APP Owner Full Interview – Q &A on April the Giraffe .The latest update on  April the Giraffe from Animal Adventure Park

The latest update on our new friend April the Giraffe                                                                                                                  Animal Adventure Park Team

April the AiraffeWe would like to give you the reactiion of supporters:

Glenda Rimes :·"Yall are all amazing. Waiting patiently for April to have her baby. Hello from McComb,Mississippi. Glad yall are sharing this excitement with the world."

Susan Charette: " What a camera hog. So calm and beautiful. You can tell she's well loved. And loves those that take care of her. How wonderful"

Sonyia Cruz: "Is it possible to keep The camera live for longer than five days or maybe checking in once a month? We'd all like to know how the baby progresses."

Sandi Mattert Kling: "someone mentioned for Toys R Us to have an April stuffed giraffe with a zipper with the baby inside. What do you think of that? "

Renee Fields Travis : "Thank you all for being so Informative to us about the animals, you all are wonderful with April and Oliver and all the animals there at the zoo. Much love to all of you from Tuscaloosa Alabama"

April the AiraffeWhat do you about the latest update today from the team, here`re fan said :

Michelle Boundford:" I've fallen in love with these giraffes, April makes me laugh when she has a hay shower, why does she do that? From England UK "

Judy Guy: "Thank you for the great job you do with the animals . hi from Rhode Island. Planning a trip this summer to see April and vaby"

Bev Myers: "Thank you for sharing these beautiful animals with all of us. Your love for them clearly shines through and we love seeing all of your posts."

Patti Goodrich Robinson: "My 7 year old daughter wants to know what kind of schooling do you need to be a zookeeper"

Diannah Bruch: "Thank you so much for the update on the details in April's impending birth. Comforting to know beforehand that all the bases are covered. Rest up April and Oliver! You have a big event just around the corner"

Darlene J Smith: "I want to take this time to thank you all for letting us be a part of this wonderful event and for all the information you provide to us. It's very clear you take very good care and love these giraffes."

Susan Marie Kist "This awesome teams and you all did great job taking care of April moma,I been watching everyday and night and Alyssa you are awesome give April baby kiss,  that was so cute I love"

Jen Merf : "It's inhumane to keep her locked up in such a small pen. Obviously you don't know when the baby is coming. She needs to get out and walk around. It's not nice what you are doing to her."

Kristi Arbogast Vaupel: "Hello from Milan Mi. Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience with the world. This has been my new addiction watching April and Oliver. I am waiting impatiently to watch this birth . Thank u again"

Linda Cochran : Hi Alyssa, Cory, Jordan and all. So proud of you all! Love April and Oliver so much! Patiently waiting for our new baby. Take you time, April!

Marjorie Bay:" Hello from Ohio….this has been so all are doing a great time…disrespectful comments are from people that have no clue about animals .weather. care .etc…"

April the Airaffe:"Janesville, wi still waiting for tbe big day, hope that eventually you will be selling pictures of oliver, april and the calf plus the staff. Rhis has been an wonderful event for all of us."

Brenda Spinella: "Jordan, as you are aware, Allysa and Cory are assets to your Park..They love April and Oliver so shows , they love what they do. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience."

Barbara Bennett Cowart: "For years the only thing on my bucket list is to hug the neck of a giraffe. What is the chance I could do that if I visit your zoo?"

Joyce Kane: "Would have enjoyed this more if I had been able to watch and not just listened. I love watching Oliver and April and disappointed that live feeds are now few and far between"

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