April the Giraffe Live Cam June 1

LOOK WHO'S BACK! April, Taj and Oliver are going to make more appearances on the live cam, according to Animal Adventure Park!

Animal Adventure Giraffe Cam – June 1

Supporters react:

Tammy Reopelle: Thanks Jordan. We know it's a lot of work for you and your team to do this and I for one appreciate getting to continue to watch Taj grow and more April showers. I'm even more excited that you will do two live videos a week showing other animals. You are like long distance family and being someone who cannot travel, I thank you for allowing me to be a part of your world. I am over the moon with this announcement and already have my alarms set. Woo hoo.

Dee Wheelock: Awesome…….love Alyssa, Cory and Jordan and of course, April, Ollie and Taj…..thanks for bringing back the cam…..also, looking forward to the noon broadcasts and learning about other species…….you are like family…..April and Ollie got me through the cold winter months and now I can watch and learn during the summer months.

Susan Whittaker: So glad to hear this. Thank you for bringing back the giraffe cam. Also love the idea of learning about all the other animals that you have. You guys are truly amazing with everything you are doing and educating everyone on all these species of animals

Sheri Griff: This is fantastic news! Thank you for bringing the cam back, and for featuring new animals and facts of their species. We are so looking forward to visiting in a few weeks. I met a woman and her family on a cruise a few years ago and we've stayed in touch ever since then. She's in Canada, and I'm in NJ, and we are going to get together for the first time since the cruise to spend the weekend together at AAP! I can hardly wait!

Michelle Lee Woo hoo! Thank you Animal Adventure Park for bringing the cam back to see our lovely giraffe family!! You and your team are wonderful, amazing, and you continue to be humble after the world knows your name. You're aspiration to teach about conservation is beyond the stars and we thank you for being the voice for these wonderful gentle giants. "When you learn, teach. When you get, give." – Maya Angelou .Thank you Jordan.




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