Today’s Giraffe talk by Allysa with Oliver and April the Giraffe

Embrace the long weekend and take an Animal Adventure!

Join us Friday, Saturday, Sunday, & Monday!

Reminder – Saturday 10/7 the Park closes at 4 pm!

All Other Days – Open 10 am – 5 pm. Last Admissions 4 pm

Today's Giraffe talk by Allysa


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Today photos

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April and Baby Tajiri

April the Giraffe 

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Jodie Willson We'll be there on Monday! Driving in from Iowa. Was thinking I'll probably cry when I see April, I've been following her for so long

Virginia Denner Okay, are they in love or are they what a great picture. It is so cute! Jordon you have some of the most special animals there and I just love being surprised when I open facebook to see the cutest pictures of them. Thank you AAP and Jordan and all the staff for sharing this extraordinary adventure with us. It has really been amazing and I am sure it will continue to be!

Maria M Paz Awww great photo AAP thanks for sharing your Beautiful Animals with us via Facebook especially for us unable to go

Karen Hanson Lindell Good morning from Colorado. What a neat photo to greet me as I turned my pc on this morning. Jordan, thank you for keeping us updated daily with education and watching the beautiful Giraffe Family. Loves to you all.

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