Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam 6/11

Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam 6/11

Supporters react: 

Kathy Tucker: ​Don't know about the rest of you, but every time April raises her tail, I still look lol  even though I know what's coming!

Dudley Hinz I was there last week Friday, a 13 hour drive from Wisconsin. Jordan is amazing, I swear he is triplets (although I spoke with his mom and she swore she only had a single birth with him) he was in the parking lot directing cars, then working the cash register at the entrance, was in the park talking with visitors, working in the gift shop. Whew. All the while with a smile on his face and ready (no matter how busy) to have his pic taken with everyone. When I left (which was so hard to do-I love that place) he was at the gate saying goodbye.

Barbara Gogol: Was there 2 weeks ago..April is so gentle and carrot crazy….Loved the 2 days we spent there. Got to meet Jordan and friendly…Park is so clean and the animals so well cared for…wish I was closer I would go every day…but Florida is a little

Janet Gyurko So funny watching the tape last night, Taj kept stretching up to the hay basket, but just couldn't reach it. Then April comes, picks up a bunch and showers herself with it. Falls to the ground, Taj comes over, smells it and just walks away! Guess he just wanted to be a big boy and get it himself. So darn cute.

Jessie Tyldesley: We were there yesterday and LOVED every minute. Thank you to Jordan and alyssa for taking time out their busy day to take pictures with the kids. Thank you to Jordan's mom for the nice conversation. And thank you to all the staff for being so pleasant and helpful! We waited so long to see that beautiful giraffe family. It was everything we imagined and more

Cindy Currier:  Said perfectly! Didn't want to leave. Your park is amazing, beautiful, educational and so so much fun! We will definitely be back! A perfect place for a grandsons 9th birthday. One he will remember always. Thank you

Annise VG: I was there yesterday. After all these months, seeing April, Oliver, on the webcam, and then being able to see Taj live, and feed carrots to April and Oliver was amazing! This experience made me feel so happy!!! I spoke to Jordan and Corey while they greeted and directed us into the parking lot. I got a chance to speak and take some pics with Allysa, and then had a great chat with Jordan's mom. The rest of the park was great; feeding the animals and seeing them so close was astonishing! Can't do all of this in an actual zoo. The park was designed so well, which was very impressive. We want to thank Jordan and his staff for making it a beautiful day for us! We are planning our next visit before you close for the year!

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