Morning Update on April the Giraffe 9/11

April the Giraffe Update Live  Today 

Taj :(excitedly) Mom! Dad! Did you see that are friends were back today?
April: Yes hon. It was good to see them!
Oliver: Yes, I did notice that they tuned in!
Taj : I was nice today! I did not play as many games as I usually did!
Oliver: That was a good boy son!
April: I am proud of you Baby G!
Taj : Do you think they noticed how much I have grown?
April: I am sure they did.
Taj : I am almost as tall as you mom!
April: (chuckling) What makes you think that son?
Taj : Well, (thinking) I have to bend over to get to the milk bar now, and um I can almost see over your back, and I can see your hoo ha…..
April: Baby G! Just WHERE did you learn the word hoo ha?!
Taj : Dad told me about it!
April: OLIVER! Just what HAVE you been telling our son?
Oliver: Calm down April. Baby G was complaining his head hurt and I explained how he landed on it the day he was born.
Taj : Yea mom, Why couldn't I have been born later? If I had been born today I would not have fallen on my head? I could of just reached out and touched the ground?
April: Hon, it just doesn't quite work that way. You don't get born standing up. You have to learn to stand.
Taj : (disappointed) OH! These bumps on my head is sure taking a long time to go away and my head still hurts!
Oliver: Those bumps are the start of your Ossicones son. When you are full grown you can use them to fight other giraffes!
Taj : You mean I will be a fighter>
Oliver: Not necessarily, but if you do get into a fight, you use your ossicones to help defend yourself. It is all part of being a giraffe.
April: We just want you to grow up big and strong son. I doubt if you will ever live in a place where you will need to fight.

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