Evening April 13th Update On April the Giraffe – Animal Adventure Park

April the Giraffe Update Live Cam

April 13th Evening Update Not much to say this evening, as we covered quite a bit earlier in our live video Q&A and when crashing the Vet Visit with April.

April the Giraffe Update Live Cam – April is doing great with light discharge. Appetite is so so.

Some people inquired about Oliver's behavior with April earlier this evening. He was not being "aggressive" -but he was certainly showing his dominance. You may have noticed his playful necking behaviors (not true aggressive necking behavior), his blocking her movements, etc. This is all part of the fun an games of a young bull. At no time did he pose and serious threat to April of her calf…her laying down puts more force on the womb/calf, than light head bumps from Oliver. 

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April the Giraffe Update Live Cam – Other news:
Our third and youngest wallaby girl, had a joey pop up out of the pouch today! We are excited to have 3 young wallabies in their mom's pouches. The muntjac fawn is doing great! Baby goats lambs and llama are well! Capuchin and Green Monkey girls both appear to be expecting soon! Kangaroo joey has grown more fuzz! Babies babies everywhere, except the giraffe barn.

Supporters react:

Kelley Theuerl Thank you for the update on Oliver's behavior. I was worried about April not liking being cornered with neck thrusting going on. I figured this must be normal behavior, otherwise ya'll would have seperated them again. They are wild animals and have their own behaviors for communication .Great job guys, you seriously do care for the welfare of these animals.

Aimie Sawyer Thank you so very much for allowing us into your world… I have loved every step of watching April's journey and learning about these magnificent creatures. You and your staff are a pleasure to watch as well. Thank you and keep on doing the wonderful job you've been doing from the very start. Cannot wait to meet the little one but until then, I will be excitedly (and patiently waiting) with the rest of the world

Patricia D. Murphy Thanks for the update. If that was not aggressive behavior today by Oliver, I really don't want to see aggressiveness. What I witnessed was scary enough. Funny how you were talking about "necking" then we witnessed that. What an education.

Sue Simpson:

While we all continue to wait. I will share again a poem I wrote There Goes Another One

“There goes another one” Noah said with a tear in his eye.
“I know, each one of them we had saved two by two” came God’s reply.
“Many of them are now extinct. Soon they will all be gone!” Noah said.
“Doesn’t anyone care about the animals?” Soon they’ll ALL be dead!”
“Yes some do care, just look at Animal Adventure Park.
They are working hard to save one that traveled on the ark
Two giraffes April and Oliver are known far and wide.
A baby giraffe soon will be standing next to April’s side.
The park is showing the world that giraffes are in need.
Conservation is needed for saving yet another breed.
Giraffe population is low, only 100 thousand or so
Others are joining the efforts to make that number grow.
A live giraffe cam has gotten people across the world to think
how they can help another animal from becoming extinct.
They are learning about giraffes and all it takes for them to cope. 
People are joining together in unity, showing that there is still hope.
Jordan Patch and staff show love and care in light and in the dark, 
which is evident when watching the cam at Animal Adventure Park. 
The world has been included in something they normally don’t see, 
everything necessary to keep a giraffe safe & healthy in captivity. 
They are learning from months long of giraffe cam observation
that it is important to join together in animal conservation!

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