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Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam 

Baby G: Mama, what is London Bridge?
Summer: Baby G, it is both a real bridge and a song. 
Baby G: What is a bridge?
Summer: It is something that helps you get from one side to another, usually over water. It can be a real bridge over a river, or an imaginary bridge, like a bridge from hate to love. 
Baby G: What is London?
Summer: It is a city in England, a country in the United Kingdom. 
Willie: London bridge is falling down, my fair lady. 
Baby G: What is falling down?
Summer: Falling down means you stumble or trip, and you fall down to the ground. It also means something is collapsing, breaking down, going to pieces. The right to enjoy life, while walking along the bridge, and visiting a fine city, is breaking down. It is being taken away by the haters who want to harm people, and want them to live in fear. 
Willie: Take the key and lock her up, my fair lady. 
Baby G: What does lock up mean?
Summer: It means lock a door so it cannot be opened again without a key. It also means you put someone who has done bad things in a cage, you lock them up. 
Baby G: What is a cage?
Summer: It is a place with iron bars, used to hold animals, or humans that act like animals. 
Willie: Build it up with iron bars, my fair lady. 
Baby G: I don't want anyone to hate me, or you, or anyone else. We all should be able to enjoy life. World, join me in stopping the haters, locking them up, and let us be bridges from hate to love.

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Supporters react:

Ginny Kelly What a wonderful event. My Grandson was born with a rare birth we had to relocate to Children's Hospital in Boston we are about a 1hr from your park. We were very lucky to have Family in the Boston area to stay with.

After 3 months several surgeries and suffering 2 strokes we came home Christmas Eve, the best gift I will ever receive. Today Chase is 7 has seizures still has had 26 surgeries to date but is the happiest little boy you will ever know.

We are hoping to come to your park on Oct.14 which is his birthday. The amount of love he has for animals and life is amazing. I will be donating to this and we can't wait to meet you soon

Jane Harding Jordan I would like to donate in person when I visit on Tues Aug 29th- I appreciate that you may not be on site but I will also have my classes artwork and conservation posters all the way from the UK! Xx

Barb Tindall Jordan you are amazing to do this for all these precious children. May God bless and watch over all of them and their families. You and your staff has shown the world how the world should be.

Showing love, respect, kindness to humans and animals. Wishing all the families and your little Ava all the best. God bless Jordan and his family for all you do.

Nancy Horton Nevels May the masses come rain or shine, and result in a very successful raising of funds. May laughter and love be seen to every far reaching corner of your park. God Bless Sweet Ava and everyone touched by her story, her smile, and your mission.

Nikki Pinckney This is amazing. As a mom with a rare disease and fought cancer, and won. She is in surgery I type. These programs/ fundraisers are amazing. As the medical bills pile up quickly. To quickly. Jocelynns journey on fb, for any who want to follow.

Alicia Snowder May God bless this event with abundance. Raising money to help others is such a selfless act. Jordan…you and your family are truly amazing to me. It's no wonder why we all fell in love with you. You may think it's all because of April…but nope…it's because of you.

Aprile Eastburn Rolfe I pray the rain holds off for you. May you make lots dollars for such a wonderful cause. The world needs more caring and wonderful people like you and your wife. Prayers for little Ava 

Karen Hulse With rain or no rain praying for a great awesome turnout. Ava's Little Heroes will have a bless and great turnout and this is a wonderful joyful thing for everyone to join in on and support thank you for everything you and your wife and staff at AAP are doing to help others. Bless you all

Tammy Johnson Hopefully rain doesn't keep vendors nor supporters away. What's a little rain for such a good cause. When I went to your park last month it started raining and I just kept walking around and feeding the animals!! And I was not prepared for any rain.

So hopefully since people know to expect rain they will dress and be prepared for it!! There are also pavilions with picnic tables people can sit at if it rains heavily.

Barbara Campbell Best of luck for a very successful day tomorrow and hope you can raise enough funds to help all the children that you want to help. What a great thing you are doing for others. Hopefully mother nature will help you out with this.

Suzanne McWilliams Hegg Singer Absolutely LOVE that you observe and honor Ava's Little Heroes! Thank You for supporting those with afflictions of many kinds & the reality that we all, human and animal, live in! Have a Wonderful Day & Observance tomorrow for all who are afflicted & their families, and for simply supporting a great cause

Kenita Ball Praying for sunny skies for this amazing event. Rain or sun I know you will have many folks that will be there to offer there support. Wish I lived closer so I could attend! I am so overjoyed seeing out pouring of support on The Go Fund Me account! Thank you for paying it forward Patch family. You all are awesome!

Diane Schweinhagen I wish I could go but cant, if this group ever does help for people whose sole breadwinner gets in a bad accident and cant work and now they have no money and hospital bills let me know

Kris Bush I hope you all have a beautiful day. I wish I could be there for this great event to help raise money for families in need. I am sure rain or shine it will be a great success.


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