April the Giraffe Update Today

April the Giraffe Update Facebook

Our Lynx OTTO has made his way onto exhibit. You can spot him next to our giraffe encounter deck, enjoying his weaning kennel before his move to permanent exhibit housing.

	april the giraffe update facebook

Lucas has done a fine job raising this little guy

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April the Giraffe

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Tajiri the Giraffe

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Baby April the Giraffe

Supporters react:

Tiena Arseneau Animal Adventure Park thank you for keeping us informed of all the goings on at the Park…Do not know how you found all of the dedicated team members you have on your staff but keep a hold of them, they truly are the best…Great job Lucas

Judy N Fred Barber Aww, Otto is so cute!! He sure is checking out that monkey!! Great job Lucas and AAP for your care of these beautiful animals!

Joyce Davies I cant believe you can get that close to a lynx i am fr Newfoundland Canada and we cant get that close to them all we can enjoy them fr a far

Belinda Houle We had the pleasure to meet Lucas and watch his interaction with the wolves and the cats 
They seem to truely trust and love him
It wonderful to watch the passion for the animals in a wonderful place
Not with Otto who is just stunning but the cougar,mountain cat ect lol very informative

Debbie Zarzecki Beautiful photo of Lucas & Otto. I envy him getting to raise the lynx. I love cats of all sizes and would love to do something like this. I hope Lucas has decided to become a vet, He'd make a wonderful one with his shy, caring nature.

Carmella Yates Not here to talk about anything but the animals and their caretakers . Lukas has done a good job with that little one .The staff at Animal Adventure park are all taking excellent care of the animals and I am grateful that they share with us 

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