Today Marks the Opening Day: 7 days a week

Good Morning Everyone

Today marks the opening of our 5th season!

Open 7 days a week
10 am – 5 pm
Last admissions sold at 4 pm

april the giraffe today

April the Giraffe Today

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Supporters react:

Rebecca Harper Tajiri looks so little in this pic…. lol Hard to believe something over 6' tall could ever look "little". Such a sweet family photo.


april the giraffe

                                                                        BC the cartoon today

Dawn Wrubel: Have a great opening day! Hope it's filled with excitement and love for your beautiful animals and staff. Sending air hugs from Michigan wishing I could be there.

Dana Haan: Hi there…I get the texts that I signed up and paid for, but when I click on the link I'm informed that you cannot find my number?? I've emailed for trouble shooting and still haven't heard back…Since I paid for this service (and thank you for the G-Cam), HOW can we fix the issue.

Mitzi Hidy: You folks are gonna have a kick butt season ! Thanks to your beautiful giraffe family ! I'm hoping to drive that way this summer from North Western Ohio and meet the little family, and maybe a few of you. Seems I know everyone already after spending hours watching giraffe cam.

Sherry DeSebasco: Hope your opening day will be everything you have waited for. The coming week is finally going to bring some great weather. That should certainly help.

Terry Gill: Going to our local zoo today for the first time since moving here! Will feed me some giraffes since I can't feed April, Oliver and Taj!

Gail Outlaw: Congratulations!! Wish I could be there!! Hope you're not too overwhelmed by the HOARDS of people coming. Have a great day

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