Morning Update April 2 On April the Giraffe Text Alerts – Live Video

April the Giraffe Text Alerts

April 2 Morning Update

This morning, keepers report increased discharge, continued lack of interest in food, full udders. April also continues to be a bit out of character. We continue to watch and wait.

Keepers feel they will be able to get the giraffes yard time today, as yard conditions have returned to safe and temperatures promise to climb from the 30s to 50s today. Perhaps that will "shake" things up!

April the Giraffe Text Alerts : Text Alert System:
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April the Giraffe T Shirt

 April the Giraffe T Shirt

April the Giraffe Text Alerts – Giraffe Factoid: Conservation Concern Status
From our friends at Giraffe Conservation Foundation

In December 2016 giraffe (as a single species) were uplisted to ‘Vulnerable’ to extinction on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Two subspecies are currently listed as ‘Endangered’.
IUCN Red List

Vulnerable: as a species – Giraffa camelopardalis

Endangered: West African giraffe (G. c. peralta)

Endangered: Rothschild’s giraffe (G. c. rothschildi – now subsumed into Nubian giraffe G. c. camelopardalis)

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Supporters react: 

Amy Walden: "Thank you for looking into the issues with the text alert. Patiently waiting to hear how I can get it working after it crashed on me at the last step"

Linda Williams Gallaher: "I can only imagine what you are all going through at Animal Adventure Park with the added pressures of the inpending birth the weather etc. Keep up the good work".

Christina Smith Campbell: "Animal Adventure Park: Thank you so much for letting us be a part of this! I am so happy for you guys and pray that you are able to enjoy this experience".

Liz Ohnen Fry: "Good morning! Thank you all for this update and your tireless work in keeping us informed in answering our questions. Hoping today is the magical day as this is also my daughters birthday. Love the giraffe information you post after every update. Keeping fingers crossed we have a calf on the ground by evening time. Champagne is a chilling".

Leslie Fornino Grubman: "FYI for those that haven't been successful for registering for Text Messaging – I tried unsuccessfully last evening on Safari. Retried today on Chrome and went through. FY".

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april the giraffe t shirt

April the Giraffe T Shirt

Cathy M Cavalcante: "Oh that stinker is gonna wait till she gets outside to have the baby!!! lololololol She's all like…"I am sick of these people all up in my stuff!!!" ahahahaha Oh and today is my Grandson Tyler's 9th Birthday…sooooo it's a great day to have a baby, April".

Michele Shultz" This is so worrisome that they are all endangered. People have no idea what we have lost and are losing. I really wish and pray more people will understand before its to late and they are gone and other animals as well. Thank you again Jordan and crew for everything you have blessed us with. We are with you also and I'm so so sorry for the way some have acted. Most of us are so with you and the Park and crew."

Jody Cheek "Thank you AAP for everything you are doing to keep the public informed. You have an absolutely amazing staff and their dedication is incredible. Thank you too about the alert system. Also I just want to say to ignore the people who cannot be pleased, regardless of what you do. I know it can be difficult, especially when you all are so busy and have so much to do. Please know that the majority of us are so thankful for being able to participate in this wonderful event. It is a chance of a lifetime for us to witness a giraffe, i.e., April going through her pregnancy and the birth of her calf. Thank you from the bottom of my heart".

Yvvonne Spence "Hopefully she has Baby G today. I think she want Oliver distracted by outdoor time. She had a couple good bulging pushes around midnight and 2am. She's getting there, I know she has everyone at AAP and homes across the world glued to their screens waiting for that egg like water sack to show followed by hooves".

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