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April the giraffe Tajiri 

Tajiri: Mama, what is learning?
April: Learning is what happens when you see or hear or do something new, and it adds to your knowledge of the world.
Tajiri: Daddy, do you like learning?
Oliver: Sure, especially if I get treats. The secret is to learn slowly, stretch it out, get more treats that way,
April: Shush, Oliver. Baby G, your most important job is to learn.
Tajiri: What do I need to learn?
April: When you are a bit older, you will learn to eat the same food as we do.
Oliver: Yeah, learn to steal your mama's food, haha
April: Oliver… he won't need to steal, there is plenty of food.
Oliver: Plenty of food? I have to eat fast so you won't take it all for your hay shower!
April: That is our shared food, you have your own.
Tajiri: What else do I need to learn?
April: You need to learn how to treat a lady giraffe.
Oliver: Yeah, you bend your neck and then Pow! You hit them with your neck. It is such fun!
April: Gently! Oliver, you are such a kid sometimes, grow up!
Oliver: I am grown up, I am a baby daddy,
Tajiri: How do I learn to be a baby daddy?
Oliver: It is easy, you smell under …
April: Oliver!
Oliver: Then you drink some p …
April: OMG, Oliver, he is way too young to learn that!!
Tajiri: I want to be a grown up, and learn all sorts of things, like how to teach the world about giraffes.
April: You can learn all sorts of things now, just learn how to be a baby giraffe, and the world will learn with you.


April the giraffe Tajiri

April the giraffe and Allysa

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