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April the Giraffe sees Dr. Tim

April the Giraffe sees Dr. Tim -Attention Giraffe Cam Fans — No baby yet. They're having an issue with YouTube censoring the live feed because it's "Sexually Explicit" or something like that… It's a giraffe standing there, and maybe walking around… Guess there are a lot of perverts in the world. At any rate, it should be back eventually. I'll let you know when she's ready. It wasn't me streaking across the pen.

dr tim visit

Dr Tim

April the Giraffe sees Dr. Tim

I'm only going to say one thing about the Syrian Refugee thing because quite frankly, my opinion doesn't make any difference:

If any of them are nicer, friendlier, more engaging, more greatful for their opportunities, happier to be alive or wanting a better/safer life they would be better than 90% of the neighbors I have had in the past decade. If they want to work for a living, want to raise a family the best they can and take interest in their community, they will be better than 90% of the neighbors I have had in the past decade.

Think about what we do, what we have become. It is easier to not give a shit about the people around you than to make an effort to know people, to care for them, and to grow the bonds that keep us all engaged, safe and helps raise a family with values.

I don't care what religion you believe in, or if you don't have one at all. If you truly treat people well, you have done ever

Supporters react:

Barbara Hosterman: "Im loving this new concept of doing these videos along with the giraffe cams.Always looking forward to new information and interactions with April and Oliver.GREAT WORK Animal adventure park"

Stacey Snyder: "Wow! The closeup of Dr. Tim standing next to her really shows how large she is overall as an animal. Really cool view! Love the tail swish "hint". Lol"

Cindy McCall: "I just want to thank AAP and Toy's R Us. I work as a nursing assistant in an adult family care home where we have 6 residents at a time. We specialize in dementia and Alzheimer's. There is A LOT of stress. Last week we lost one of our residents which sent another of our residents into a spiral of being verbally abusive and negative behavior. When I went into work on Tuesday, the resident asked me how "my" giraffe was doing. Then expressed disappointment that he could only see her on my tablet and not the big tv. After a quick call to my son to bring me a HDMI cord and my laptop, he was granted his wish. He spent the next five hours enthralled by April and Oliver. His behavior has been much better since. We spent a lot of that time discussing facts that I've learned about giraffes. My daughter works at a local hospital and is in the ER for a lot of shifts. She told me that they have April on the screen in several departments at the hospital for the staff to de-stress by watching her. I cannot thank you all enough for inviting us on this wonderful journey, Thank you"

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