Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam June 26th

April the Giraffe Pen

Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam June 26th

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Nadine Sutton Do you think it is safe for so many people to be feeding April and Oliver carrots? Wouldn't there be more of a chance of them contracting a virus or something? Just a thought.

Animal Adventure Park Risks are actually quite minimal. Human to hoofstock disease is far and few in between – for what the general public could pose as a threat. Trust us – our vet – our inspectors! We have it covered.

Sandra Goode What did I miss live chat cam should be on central time 3-7 … but went over said it was off and over… He said Sunday thru Friday 4-8 right? Tuesday and Thursday noon for other animals ,, right? Someone tell me what I missed …i tewatched announcement video… so why didn't I get it.

Melissa Parashis Can anybody who has traveled to AAP help with information on how hard it might be if I'm handicapped, is there parking for handicapped? If not I'm going anyway out of love for April :). We'll be traveling over 11 hrs and wondered about other hotels in the area, whose stayed where? and food??? Whose been and has tips?
Animal Adventure Park The park is built to ADA guidelines. The only current obstacle is a small lip in and out of the current welcome center. The new center will be opened in 2-3 weeks. We have a side entry gate to open should the lip not be navigable. 

The Binghamton area is your best bet for lodging. There is a plethora of meal options right down town. From diners to high end —- breweries to wine bars. 

We do partner with the Double Tree Hotel – which is one of – if not – the nicest accommodations. They welcome AAP guests daily and do it right!

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Helen Evans I wanted to just make a comment regarding being actually able to see our giraffe family in the dark. Before when we were on April Baby G Watch— AAP had a special nightlight on that they stated was equal to moonlight for the giraffes. But it allowed us to see them. If they would turn that back on, I think we could see them as it gets darker.

Animal Adventure Park A natural light cycle is what is best for giraffes at this time and we will stick with that. In the winter months – lights stayed on till about 8 pm – which is now the natural light cycle.When nature provides you the ideal – you certainly don't want to skew it.

Lynn Amato I have a question about Oliver and if it has been answered 1,000 times I apologize but can't find any info and I have looked, believe me. I have seen posts and comments in chat referring to his life before arrival at AAP as sad, unfortunate and even horrific but no specifics. Can anyone fill me in or point me in the right direction? Thank you.

Animal Adventure Park There were absolutely zero care concerns at Oliver's Prior Facility. Not sure where this rumor was started – but please do not feed it.


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