Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam June 27th

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Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam June 27th

Animal Adventures with Jordan: Dromedary Camels

Tina Leotta-o'dea Jordan, you are an absolute master when it comes to educating the public on the animal kingdom. This presentation was extremely information and I'm sure is being used in schools throughout the country. Would love to see a segment on Nash and his species background next week.

Kristen Fuelling Jordan, you have such a knack for presenting animal education that young children can understand , yet interesting for adults as well. Look forward to bringing our grandson in August .

Brenda Rising Another good educational video! Thanks Jordan! Maxx came from my area! I read the article about you and Maxx. So glad he is there with you all at AAP!

Sherri French I know it's been said, but I want to say it too. Jordan is so amazing! It's impressive how much he knows, and he's so great at sharing it. Thanks, AAP and Jordan for all the knowledge!

Kathleen Liddle I so enjoy listening to Jordan discuss the different animals. After listening to his talk on the Artic Wolf we have found a sanctuary near us that is for wolves and foxes. We plan to go see them in a few weeks.

Marlene Springer Louden Thank you Oh… off "camel" subject. Last night in YouTube chat, there was a very "heated" discussion. Please answer…. how many calves has April had. People were arguing.. some said Taj is #4 and she had a miscarriage… some argued that Taj is #5, some said Taj is #4 with no miscarriages. 

Love your educational Tues and Thurs episodes 

Kenita Ball Always so interesting and informative! Always look forward to the videos because I know I am going to learn something new! Good job as always Jordan! Thank you! Love big Maxx


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