Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Live Cam

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Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Live Cam

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Zoë Jayne I give this park so much credit…they have really stayed grounded and not let all the publicity ruin their dream and steer them off course. Sounds like Jordan is using the funds to better the park and make it bigger…im sure at times all this new found fame can be over whelming but you guys have handled yourselves very well through it all….its been a great story to follow 

Janet Boone Theres my babys i feel so attached to april oliver and taji, they have made my days so happy watching them, never forget the birth oj tajari,i stayed glued to you tube waiting for birt, and i wasnt alone god bless all of you for allowing us to enjoy this adventure of these gorgeous giraffes.

Rosie Senador I love sharing AAP video on fb. Our Taj is growing so fast and he will be 6 months on Sunday and almost 10 ft. Jordan and AAP family are doing an awesome job with the care of these animals and sharing with us.

Kenita Ball Awesome interview! it is always exciting to hear what's going on at the park and what is coming in the future! Congratulations on your very successful season! We love and appreciate all you do for your supporters and the loving care all your animals receive! Thank you for teaching us about conservation!

Linda Braun LaBrutto Was there in August…what a wonderful experience we all had. Will be back next year for sure. Sloth Encounter and more babies…how exciting AAP! Thank you Jordan and staff for all you do!

April the Giraffe

Beth Jones McKeown Thank you for sharing your giraffe family with us. I had the privilege of meeting and feeding carrots to these beautiful creatures back in June. What a wonderful experience to get up close, pet and feed these beautiful gentle giants. Great job AAP and thank you for sharing their story with us and educating us at the same time

Patricia Larkin Tajiti is growing so fast, and he's so handsome. My love to everyone, furry, winged and scaled and human. I don't get in too much anymore but I have all the memories of waiting for Tajiris birth to keep me warm all the time.

Misty Frame I visited the park the last week of August and seen how many carrots that Oliver and April eat from the visitors, do they receive that many carrots when the park closes for the season? Are they given more hay, grain and veggies combined to make up for all the carrots they aren't getting during the day? I know you take excellent care of all the animals and thank you for that. When I visited, from Ohio, we were heading to Maine and then labor day weekend we ended up at Niagara falls and the wing fest and although I enjoyed our entire vacation the park, by far, was the highlight of my vacation

Happy birthday Tajiri the Giraffe 6 months:


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